PDP’s David Ombugadu Denies Plans to Dethrone Traditional Rulers in Nasarawa State

Dispelling Misleading Reports

David Ombugadu, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governorship candidate in Nasarawa State, is addressing reports that have circulated in the media claiming his intentions to dethrone traditional rulers in the state.

Election Tribunal Victory

It’s worth noting that Ombugadu recently secured a victory at the election tribunal, which adds significance to his statements.

Reassurance from Ombugadu’s Campaign Director

Mike Omeri, the director of the Ombugadu Campaign Organisation, has come forward to dispel these claims and assure the public that there is no truth to the reports.

Respect for Traditional Institutions

Omeri emphasizes that Dr. Ombugadu holds a deep respect for the traditional institutions in Nasarawa State and recognizes their vital role in preserving the culture and heritage of the people.

No Religious Bias

The campaign director refutes any notion of religious bias in Ombugadu’s actions and decisions regarding traditional rulers, highlighting that such claims are unfounded.

Denial of Alleged Meeting in Abuja

Reports had suggested that discussions about the alleged dethronement took place during a meeting at the residence of one of their leaders in Abuja. Omeri firmly denies this, stating that it is a product of imagination.

Call for Responsible Journalism

Omeri closes by encouraging the media to exercise diligence and verify the accuracy of their sources before publishing potentially damaging claims.

Responsible journalism is vital to maintaining the reputation of individuals and preserving the integrity of the information presented.

This article clarifies David Ombugadu’s position regarding the alleged plans to dethrone traditional rulers in Nasarawa State.

It highlights his respect for these institutions and emphasizes the absence of religious bias in his actions. The piece underscores the importance of responsible journalism in verifying and reporting information accurately.