Alien Mummies or Ancient Creations? UFO Enthusiast Shares Intriguing Insights

Alien Mummies or Ancient Creations? UFO Enthusiast Shares Intriguing Insights

UFO Enthusiast’s Perspective

A UFO enthusiast, Will Galison, who had a close encounter with two purported ‘alien’ mummies, shares his intriguing perspective on the mysterious specimens.

These miniature corpses, initially presented in Mexico, have sparked a heated debate over their origin.

Debunking Extraterrestrial Claims

The mummies were showcased by controversial journalist Jaime Maussan, who has a history of making claims related to aliens.

Galison, however, believes these ‘corpses’ may not be extraterrestrial at all. Instead, he proposes a theory that takes us back in time.

The Ancient Origin Theory

According to Galison, the ‘corpses’ could be ancient creations that date back nearly 1,000 years.

While he doesn’t label them as hoaxes, he speculates that they may have been crafted from animal remains long ago, possibly for ritual purposes.

Resemblance to Alpaca Skulls

One striking observation Galison makes is the ‘remarkable similarity’ between the heads of these supposed ‘aliens’ and alpaca skulls.

He points out that the back of a deer skull he saw in New York resembled the front of one of these mummy skulls.

Reconsidering the Extraterrestrial Origin

Initially, Galison was open to the possibility of extraterrestrial remains but has since shifted his perspective.

He now suggests that these beings were not visitors from outer space but rather products of an ancient culture, meticulously constructed for a specific purpose.

Eggs Inside the Mummies

An intriguing aspect of the mummies is the presence of eggs inside their bodies.

Galison acknowledges this enigma and speculates on why their creators would place eggs within these beings, an element that could only be detected via X-ray.

Remaining Questions

While many questions surround the origin and purpose of these mummies, Galison remains curious about why an Incan culture, a millennium ago, might have crafted such creatures.

He wonders if they were a form of reverence or a recreation of beings they had encountered.

Challenging Claims

Mark Christopher Lee, the presenter of Nub TV, shared insights from his interview with Galison.

They discuss the controversies surrounding the mummies and question the credibility of the claims made by Jaime Maussan, given his history of making false claims.

This article delves into the perspective of UFO enthusiast Will Galison, who challenges the notion of these ‘alien’ mummies and offers a theory suggesting an ancient origin.

The piece explores the details of the mummies, their resemblance to alpaca skulls, and the questions that still surround their existence.

It highlights the controversies and skepticism surrounding the claims made by those who presented the mummies.

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