Oba mocks police shortly after they announce arresting Gistlover blog’s founder

Oba Ridicules Police Following Announcement of Gistlover Blog Founder’s Arrest

In the aftermath of the police announcement regarding the arrest of the founder of Gistlover blog, Oba has taken a mocking stance towards law enforcement.

Disparaging Remarks Unleashed:

Rather than expressing concern or maintaining a neutral stance, Oba has chosen to openly ridicule the police.

His remarks, made shortly after the arrest announcement, reflect a dismissive attitude towards the law enforcement agency.

Controversial Figure and Legal Entanglements:

The founder of Gistlover blog has long been a controversial figure, entangled in various legal issues.

Oba’s reaction further adds to the complexity of the situation, raising questions about the dynamics between individuals in the public eye and the law.

Public Perception and Backlash:

Oba’s public mockery of the police may provoke diverse reactions from the public.

While some may find it entertaining, others may view it as disrespectful, especially considering the serious nature of the founder’s arrest.

The incident has the potential to fuel discussions about the boundaries of freedom of expression and responsible public commentary.


The unfolding events surrounding the Gistlover blog founder’s arrest and Oba’s response underscore the intricate relationship between individuals in the public eye, law enforcement, and public perception.

As the situation develops, it remains to be seen how these dynamics will influence the broader discourse on legal accountability and public commentary.

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