Simon Cowell Resolves to Mend Fractured Relationship with Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh Amid Celebrity Big Brother Fallout

Simon Cowell has expressed his intention to reconcile with former colleagues Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh, emphasizing that they remain “really good friends.” Despite recent tensions, Cowell is eager to reach out to Osbourne and Walsh to patch things up.

Background of the Rift

During their time in the Celebrity Big Brother house last month, Osbourne and Walsh, both 71, made remarks mocking Cowell. Osbourne expressed her frustration with Cowell for not renewing her contract on The X Factor, which resulted in her losing out on another major TV opportunity. Walsh mentioned that he and Cowell no longer communicate because Cowell had essentially cut him out of his life.

Cowell’s Perspective

In response to the situation, Cowell acknowledges that Osbourne and Walsh were likely being controversial for the sake of the show, as that’s what they were hired for. Despite any recent tensions, Cowell still considers them good friends and believes they can easily reconnect. He plans to reach out to them soon, as he hasn’t spoken to them in a while.

Sharon Osbourne’s Comments and Amanda Holden’s Response

Osbourne’s comments about Cowell sparked a disagreement between her and Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden. Holden criticized Osbourne, calling her “bitter and pathetic” for her remarks about Cowell. Osbourne responded, defending her reputation and achievements, asserting that Holden doesn’t truly know her.

Sharon Osbourne’s Fiery Statement

Osbourne issued a fiery statement directed at Holden, asserting her accomplishments and dismissing Holden’s criticism. She highlighted her longstanding career in the music industry and her contributions to various successful ventures. Osbourne made it clear that her success was not solely due to her appearances on Simon Cowell’s talent shows.

Sharon Osbourne’s Closing Remarks

In her concluding remarks, Osbourne addressed Holden directly, emphasizing that Holden’s comments were disrespectful and uninformed. Osbourne defended her lifestyle and achievements, asserting that she and her husband had built their success independently of Cowell.

Amanda Holden’s Response

Holden stood by her comments, acknowledging Osbourne’s remarkable career while reaffirming her loyalty to those close to her. Holden’s spokesperson reiterated Holden’s respect for Osbourne’s career but maintained Holden’s position on the matter.


The rift between Cowell, Osbourne, and Walsh highlights the complexities of relationships in the entertainment industry. Despite disagreements and public disputes, Cowell remains committed to repairing his friendships with Osbourne and Walsh, emphasizing the value of their longstanding connections.

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