Taylor Swift’s Enigmatic Video Allegedly Takes Veiled Dig at Ex Joe Alwyn in Gothic-themed ‘Fortnight’ from ‘The Tortured Poets Department’ Album, Reveals Missing Key Symbolism

Taylor Swift, renowned for her penchant for hidden messages and subtle references in her music videos, appears to have taken a clandestine jab at her ex, Joe Alwyn, in her latest release.

The video for “Fortnight,” the lead single from her new album, “The Tortured Poets Department,” is ripe with symbolism and hints, suggesting a deeper narrative beneath the surface.

In a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment, Swift, 34, is depicted working on a typewriter in the gothic-themed video. A keen-eyed observer noticed that the Number 1 key on the typewriter is conspicuously absent, despite the presence of other keys.

This subtle detail seems to allude to Swift’s 2020 track “The 1” from her “Folklore” album, where she sings about a lost love who could have been “the one.”

The timing of Swift’s decision to swap out another song for “The 1” during her Eros Tour in March 2023, just days before her split from Alwyn, adds weight to the speculation that the missing key symbolizes her former relationship.

A Closer Look at Swift and Alwyn’s Relationship

Swift and Alwyn’s relationship, which spanned from 2017 to 2023, was marked by a deliberate retreat from the public eye on Swift’s part. Despite their low-key approach, their collaboration on Swift’s “Folklore” album earned them a Grammy for Album of the Year in 2021.

Alwyn, credited under the pseudonym William Bowery, co-wrote and co-produced several tracks on the album.

Throughout “The Tortured Poets Department,” Swift seems to weave references to their six-year relationship, with insiders suggesting that Alwyn aimed to keep their romance private.

Despite the unexpected nature of their breakup, sources close to Alwyn insist that he did not seek attention or validation through their relationship.

Decoding Swift’s Lyrics: Veiled References to Heartbreak and Betrayal

In tracks like “So Long, London” and “Fresh Out the Slammer,” Swift appears to address the emotional fallout from her split with Alwyn. Lyrics hint at feelings of betrayal and disillusionment, with veiled references to infidelity and the dissolution of trust.

The music video for “Fortnight” showcases Swift in a dramatic, gothic setting, donning a striking gown worth $6.2k. Alongside collaborator Post Malone, the video features surprise cameos from actors Ethan Hawke and Josh Charles, adding to its allure and mystery.

Analyzing the Visual Symbolism: Typewriters, Chained Beds, and Medication

Visual motifs throughout the video, such as typewriters, chained beds, and trays of medication labeled “Forget him,” further underscore the theme of emotional turmoil and recovery. Swift’s choice of attire and accessories, including a custom diamond watch choker, adds layers of symbolism and sophistication to the narrative.

A Comprehensive Tracklist: Themes of Heartbreak, Resilience, and Redemption

“The Tortured Poets Department” boasts a diverse tracklist, with each song offering insight into Swift’s emotional journey. From the introspective balladry of “The Tortured Poets Department” to the defiant anthems like “Guilty As Sin?” and “Who’s Afraid Of Little Old Me?,” Swift explores themes of heartbreak, resilience, and redemption with unparalleled depth and vulnerability.

Bonus Tracks: Delving Deeper into Swift’s Psyche

The album’s bonus tracks, including “The Black Dog” and “Imgonnagetyouback,” delve even deeper into Swift’s psyche, offering candid reflections on past relationships and personal struggles. References to real-life events and individuals, such as Kim Kardashian and Travis Kelce, add an intriguing layer of context to the album’s narrative.

Conclusion: Swift’s Artistic Evolution and Emotional Catharsis

In “The Tortured Poets Department,” Taylor Swift continues to showcase her evolution as an artist and storyteller. Through intricate lyrics, visual symbolism, and sonic experimentation, Swift offers listeners a glimpse into her inner world—a world marked by love, loss, and the eternal quest for self-discovery.

As fans dissect each track and music video frame by frame, one thing remains clear: Taylor Swift’s genius knows no bounds.

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