Lady claiming L.A.X spreads herpes sued for 500M defamation after getting out of lockup

Allegations of Herpes: Accusations and Social Media Outcry

A series of explosive tweets surfaced on January 2, 2024, when a Nigerian woman using the handle @edna_reese made startling claims about popular singer Damilola Afolabi, known as L.A.X. The accuser asserted that the artist was infected with herpes, reacting to a romantic selfie posted by L.A.X on her social media platform.

Accusations Unveiled on Social Media

In her tweets, @edna_reese did not mince words, directly accusing L.A.X of being a “Rasaki wicked herpes giver.”

The online declaration hinted at a potentially scandalous situation, generating attention and speculation within the online community.

Detention and Demands: Escalation of the Situation

Adding a twist to the controversy, a few days later, @edna_reese revealed that she had been detained shortly after making the herpes allegations against L.A.X. She disclosed spending two days in custody before regaining freedom.

However, this wasn’t the end of the saga.

In a subsequent post, she stated her intention to seek compensation for alleged defamation.

Legal Action and Monetary Demands

@edna_reese unveiled that she was demanding a staggering 500 million Naira from the singer as compensation for the alleged slander.

In a mixture of frustration and resignation, she expressed her viewpoint on the matter, emphasizing the consequences of exercising freedom of speech.

Despite being released, she declared, “There is freedom of speech, but I cannot guarantee freedom after speech,” highlighting the price she claimed to have paid for her outspokenness.

Conclusion and Silence

Concluding her social media revelation, @edna_reese conveyed that she had no intention of further commenting on the issue.

The statement hinted at the potential legal implications of her disclosures and the gravity of the situation surrounding L.A.X. Whether these accusations hold any truth or are a result of a personal dispute, the controversy has undoubtedly stirred the online community’s interest and raised questions about the power dynamics of social media in the realm of celebrity scandals.

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