Meghan Markle declares support for Iranian women

Meghan Markle declares support for Iranian women

Meghan Markle made an unexpected appearance at a Spotify event on Tuesday and spoke in favor of the Iranian demonstrations while sporting a blouse with a Farsi message.

At a Women@Spotify event, a female-run resource group at the streaming startup, Markle, 41, entered the stage wearing a blouse with the Farsi words “Women, Life, Freedom” printed across the front.

She also sent two senior executives from her company, Archewell, who are also Iranian women: Ashley Hansen, executive vice president of global communications, and Mandana Dayani, president.

The Duchess of Sussex’s words of encouragement come as Iranian women protest gender inequality in response to the passing of Mahsa Amini.

The 22-year-old passed away while being held by police after being detained for allegedly breaking the stringent morals standards of the Muslim country, which compel women to cover their hair.

According to Hello!, Meghan was asked to speak at the exclusive Spotify event on Tuesday and discussed the ‘courage’ of the Iranian demonstrators.

Dayani clarified Markle’s remarks and shared a picture of the three of them at the occasion, saying it was a “proud day” for her and Hansen at Archewell.

Dayani said in an Instagram post that “Meghan talked about the revolution being led by women and young girls in Iran.”

“The bravery and heroism they exhibit every day, and their leadership and support of fundamental human rights: freedom, life, and the rights of women.

She said, “As an Iranian lady who left her homeland in search of these exact freedoms, I could not have been more appreciative for how she chooses, time and time again, to speak for women all over the globe.

Omid Scobie, the author of the memoir Finding Freedom about Megan Markle, tweeted a picture of the group and complimented Megan for her message.

Scobie remarked, “Meghan stands in solidarity with women and girls in Iran.”

The most recent instance of Markle’s support for Iranian women was only one of many occasions she has done so.

She came out against repealing Roe V. Wade earlier this summer.

At a June interview with Vogue, she said that “guys need to be outspoken in this moment and beyond because these are issues that impact marriages, families, and communities at large.” “They may target women, but we are all affected by the results.”

The previous several days, my spouse and I have had many conversations about that. He is also a feminist, she continued.

She has often emphasized the importance of women’s and girls’ education across the world as well as women’s voting rights in prior years.

She also penned a passionate essay on the stigma associated with menstruation in the poor countries in a 2017 issue of Time magazine.

In response to Meghan Markle’s accusations that she was “reduced to a bimbo” and “objectified” on the program, her former Deal or No Deal co-star insists that briefcase ladies were picked for their “outgoing personality.”

In response to Meghan Markle’s comments that she was “reduced to a bimbo” on the game show and solely appreciated for her “beauty,” not her “brains,” her former co-star on Deal or No Deal has hit back.

Claudia Jordan, a star of the Real Housewives of Atlanta who co-starred with Meghan, 41, on the NBC game show in the middle of the 2000s, posted a venomous tirade about the Duchess on her Instagram Stories on Tuesday. Claudia was responding to statements Meghan made about the show in the most recent episode of her podcast, Archetypes.

In 34 episodes of the NBC show’s second season from 2006 to 2007, Meghan stated she left because she felt like she was being “objectified,” admitting that she was made to get frequent spray tans and wear a padded bra.

She said that participating in the program made her feel “not clever” since it was all about “beauty,” but Claudia insisted that this was not true, at least not for all of the models.

Deal or No Deal actor Claudia, 49, criticized Meghan for her remarks, saying the program “never treated them like bimbos” and helped create “so many possibilities” for women. Claudia appeared on Deal or No Deal for four seasons from 2005 to 2009.

For clarify, she said, “sure, landing a modeling contract on a game show isn’t always about your intelligence, but every episode the executive producers chose five models with the most outgoing and engaging personalities to put microphones on, who they knew would interact with the competitors”.

And we were never treated like bimbos on Deal or No Deal. Those chances came our way as a result of the show.

It’s the “type of opportunity,” the reality star said, “that “is what you make it.” If you simply come up and don’t participate,” she said, you’ll just collect your check and not get anything from it.

However, there are no restrictions on what you may do with the opportunity if you show up and grasp your opportunities.

Claudia stated she “enjoyed” working on Deal or No Deal and that it helped pave the way for a successful career.

The actress continued, “It was a step on the ladder I’ve been climbing for 25 years that paid all my bills, put me in front of 13 million people every night, and led to me getting on Celebrity Apprentice, Celebrity Apprentice All Stars, a breast cancer awareness campaign, guest hosting Extra, getting into People magazine’s 100 Most Beautiful issue, and so much more.”

Additionally, I co-hosted the 2009 Miss Universe pageant with @BillyBush in front of 500 million viewers as a result of it. Not bad for a “bimbo,” really.

The 49-year-old claimed it was necessary for her to defend the program and everyone who worked so hard to make it a success, even though she wanted her fans to know that she wasn’t “attacking” Meghan.

She defended the lady, saying, “Lord knows I’ve been defending her in the media for years.” And I still will, but I simply didn’t want there to be any misunderstandings on the Deal or No Deal set about the weather and surroundings.

And I’m particularly guarding [host] Howie Mandel, who treated all 26 of us with nothing but kindness and respect.

Paris Hilton appeared as a guest on the most recent episode of Meghan’s podcast, which was just released today. The royal said she was appreciative of the money she made from Deal or No Deal while she tried to become a successful actress, referring to it as ‘a short stint’ to pay the bills, but she did not like ‘how it made her feel, which was not smart.’

There were moments while she was filming Deal or No Deal that she would reflect about her time as an intern at the US Embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She recalled riding in the same motorcade as the secretary of the Treasury at the time and being praised for having a sharp mind.

“In this place, I was appreciated for the exact opposite thing. In the end, I left the program. I was much more than the objectification taking on on stage.

I disliked being pressured to be all show and no substance. Being compared to this particular archetype, the phrase “bimbo,” was how it felt for me at the time.

She continued by saying that, unlike her on the program, she wanted her one-year-old daughter, Lilibet, to be respected more for her intelligence than her “beauty.”

She said, “I want our daughter to aim a little higher.” Yes, I want Lili to take pleasure in her intelligence and desire to pursue an education.

According to the actress, she and the other ladies on the program were made to “queue up” for different aesthetic procedures, such as “padding in their bras,” “attaching artificial eyelashes,” and “putting in” hair extensions.

We even received spray-tan coupons each week, she said, “since there was a very predetermined image of exactly how we should appear.” “It was just about our attractiveness,” she said.

The wife of Prince Harry also said that a lady “in control” of the program would instruct her to “suck it in” before to the start of shooting, presumably to keep her stomach in for the camera.

A royal expert claims Meghan Markle is “biting the hand that fed her” by criticizing “stupid blonde” jobs after she revealed her time as a Deal or No Deal briefcase model in the most recent Archetypes podcast with Paris Hilton.

When Meghan Markle criticized ‘dumb blonde’ Hollywood roles and disclosed she left her job as a Deal or No Deal briefcase lady because she felt ‘objectified,’ she was accused of ‘biting the hand that fed her.’

The Duchess of Sussex claimed on her Archetypes podcast that the reason she left Deal or No Deal after 34 episodes was because she was made to wear a padded bra and get spray tans, which reduced her to the status of a “bimbo”—the term at the center of her most recent Spotify episode with Paris Hilton.

As she worked to establish herself as an actor, Meghan said she was appreciative of the job and the money, but she didn’t enjoy “how it made me feel, which was not smart” since “I didn’t appreciate feeling compelled to be all looks.”

Meghan stated she wants her daughter Lilibet to be recognized first and foremost for her intellect, as opposed to being praised for “beauty not brains” as she was on the TV game show, in a segment of her new Archetypes podcast with Miss Hilton called Breaking Down the Bimbo.

I want our kid to have strive to be little higher, said the Duchess, who featured on Deal or No Deal between 2006 and 2007, calling it a “brief stint” to pay the bills. Yes, I want my daughter Lili to take pleasure in her intelligence and desire for education.

Angela Levin, a royal author, criticized Meghan for her remarks, claiming that the parts the former actress did helped to create her early career, and she called her words “patronizing.”

Meghan was “biting the hand that fed her,” Ms. Levin told The Sun.

She said, “She seized the positions since she had no other opportunities.”

Why didn’t she consider the fact that this is about beauty and she wasn’t participating if she had the intellect?

She was quite condescending. She wasn’t required to accept the position.

16 years ago, Meghan made an appearance in season two of NBC’s Deal or No Deal. For two episodes, she stood next to briefcase number 11, then she moved on to suitcase number 24. Midway through the season, she departed the program.

I ultimately decided to leave the program, she added. I was much more than the objectification taking on on stage. I didn’t like that I had to focus just on my appearance. Little substance, too.

And that’s how it seemed for me to be reduced to this particular archetype, the term bimbo, at the moment.

The California-based queen said that she and the other program participants were made to “queue up” for different aesthetic procedures, such as “padding in your bra,” “putting in” artificial eyelashes, and “putting in” hair extensions.

We were even given spray-tan vouchers each week, she said, since there was a very predetermined vision of how we were to appear. It was all about how beautiful we were.

Meghan claimed that before shooting started, a lady “in control” of the program would instruct her to “suck it in,” presumably a command to suck in her stomach on camera.

It appeared in the sixth episode of her Spotify podcast Archetypes, where she spoke with other well-known women, including her pals Serena Williams, Mariah Carey, and Margaret Cho, about “investigating, dissecting, and subverting the stereotypes that aim to hold women back.”

With the streaming behemoth, Meghan and Prince Harry have agreed to a three-year podcast agreement for between $15 million and $18 million. They also have a $100 million Netflix agreement, but there is still no release date for their impending, contentious fly-on-the-wall documentary series because the pair is allegedly “trying to tone down” its portrayal of the Royal Family.

In the most recent podcast episode, she spoke with socialite Miss Hilton face-to-face about how she became famous in the 1990s as a reality TV star.

Meghan, also 41, admitted to her audience that she was concerned before the taping of the interview with Miss Hilton, stating, “I’ve been the most nervous about this one.”

In the candid episode, Meghan explored why “brains and attractiveness in a woman have traditionally been pitted against one other” as she discussed the labels of “Bimbo” and “Dumb Blonde.”

In addition, Meghan acknowledged that she had previously “judged” Miss Hilton, telling the audience, “I’m sorry to confess it, I had a judgment about Paris.” And I dislike being judged because it makes me feel bad.

But I had to be honest about it because, when I was a kid, she was gorgeous, wealthy, and well-known. What possible might go wrong in her life?

In response, Miss Hilton said that she shared Miss Hilton’s reservations about meeting the Duchess of Sussex since “I’m just such a timid person and we haven’t met before.”

Before making her debut on the popular television program Suits, the Duchess of Sussex starred on Deal or No Deal.

She began her podcast by saying, “I was incredibly thrilled to have a job as an actor going through auditions. That might cover my expenses. It was amazing since I had a job, belonged to a union, and had health insurance.

Meghan, however, said that she sometimes daydreams about not being valued for her intelligence or education.

When she was working on the Deal or No Deal set, she recalled her experience as an intern at the US Embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She recalled riding in the same motorcade as the secretary of the Treasury at the time and being praised for my intelligence.

“In this place, I was appreciated for the exact opposite thing. In order to give you a better perspective, try to visualize how the ladies would line up before the program was filmed.

And there were many stations where you could have your lashes applied, your extensions inserted, or the padding in your bra.

Because there was a highly predetermined vision of how we should appear, we were even given spray-tan coupons every week. It wasn’t necessary about intellect; it was just about beauty.

As Meghan continued to discuss Deal or No Deal, a clip of writer Clare Malone from the New Yorker was shown. Malone claims that the term “bimbo” is “a phrase that is used to break down a beautiful woman to sort of say oh she’s lovely, but maybe she’s promiscuous or maybe she’s foolish or stupid.”

In the episode from the previous week, Meghan said that she had been called “crazy” and “hysterical,” adding that such terms were often used to silence women.

She said that the taunts may cause some individuals to be “gaslit” into believing they were unwell.

She blasted the way the phrases were “thrown about carelessly” in movies and television, causing “reputations to be damaged and careers to be lost.”

Meghan declined to specify who had questioned her mental health but said that it was when she began seeing Prince Harry and he set up a referral for her that things got to their “worst point.”

She said, in a shocking interview with Oprah Winfrey last year, that she had suicide thoughts while serving as a front-line member of the Royal Family. She said that her experience proved the need of being “truly honest about what it is that you need.”

The duchess gave listeners a trigger warning at the beginning of her fifth podcast episode, The Decoding Of Crazy, last week, advising them to stop listening if the subject matter was “too heavy.”

“Raise your hand if you have ever been called crazy, hysterical, or what about nuts,” she continued. insane, illogical, and absolutely out of your head. I guess you get the idea.

I believe it would be simple to determine how many of us have raised our hands if we were all in the same room and could see one another.

By the way, I agree. And it’s hardly surprising given how pervasive these labels are in our society.

Injurious portrayals of women’s mental states, according to the former Suits actress, were “pounded into us from movies and TV, from friends and family, and even random strangers.”

Several clips were shown, one of which was from the comedy How I Met Your Mother, in which Neil Patrick Harris’ character Barney is heard saying, “If she’s this insane, she has to be this gorgeous.”

Jordan Peterson, a conservative philosopher, was then overheard declaring: “I don’t believe that males can govern insane women.”

For people who really struggled with mental health difficulties, Meghan said, the stigma associated with the label “mad” had a “silenciation impact.” They get fearful. For far too long, people remain silent, internalize their feelings, and suppress them.

The mother of two described how Harry, 38, helped her when she needed it most: “My husband had discovered a reference for me to contact.”

“And I phoned this lady, who was checking out at the grocery store and didn’t even realize I was calling her.” She could sense the desperate situation in which I was in because I could hear the tiny beep, beep.

However, I believe that it is important for everyone to be completely honest about their needs, to ask for what they want without hesitation, and to accept themselves for who they are.

US comedian Jenny Slate contributed to the 55-minute broadcast, which covered a variety of subjects, including successful women being “calculating or having some agenda.”

Miss Slate stated: “Hysteria, craziness, like it’s a disease of the people with the uteri, like, the people with the emotions” during a discussion on the word hysteria, which is from the Greek for womb.

It is a definition that a man came up with. It is a definition created to stigmatize and restrict a particular kind of experience.

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