Massive change to pokies rooms for problem gamblers

Massive change to pokies rooms for problem gamblers

Thanks to a new high-tech system being implemented throughout Australia, problem gamblers will soon find it incredibly difficult to access pokies rooms.

The new facial recognition system, which employs cameras to scan people’s faces as they approach the poker machines, will be available at bars and clubs.

Anyone who wants to stop gambling may join up for a self-exclusion program.

The personnel will be promptly informed if there is a match when the new technology compares the faces of persons going to the slots to those who have registered for the exclusion system.

Those who wish to stop gambling may now ask to be barred from certain locations, but there is pressure on the hospitality staff to identify the gamblers.

The software is a significant improvement over the current self-exclusion procedures, which are mostly paper-based and sometimes ineffective since they rely on hotel employees to verify paper paperwork.

Facial recognition software sends an alert about anyone on the self-exclusion register who enters a venue to the venue staff via an app.

While there isn’t much that can be done to aid individuals who are addicted to slot machines, many people have newfound hope in the self-exclusion system.

The major causes for problem gamblers to sign up for self-exclusion include excessive financial losses, inability to manage their gaming, or the emergence of financial and interpersonal issues as a result of their gambling.

In addition to over 100 establishments in New South Wales, the cameras are already regularly used in pubs in South Australia.

It is known that locations using cameras consent to comparing the self-exclusion system with merely the face recognition program’s data.

According to Jeff Bradford, general director of the business selling the video systems, Element Security, the technology is already operational at hundreds of venues around Australia.

A lady once attempted to enter a venue using a friend’s ID card, but the system detected her and prevented her from entering, possibly sparing her thousands of dollars in gambling losses.

According to Mr. Bradford, “Implementation into venues has already shown that this is an effective option.”

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, Australians lost almost $25 billion to legal gambling between 2018 and 2019, which is the biggest per-capita loss in the world.

Australians spend $157 million on slots in any given month, second only to wagers on horse and dog races.

The percentage of Australians who have a gambling issue has risen over the last ten years to more over 1%, according to a recent Gambling Research survey from last year.

With the exception of Nevada, Australia has more electronic gambling machines per person than virtually any other large state, according to statistics from 2019.

Contact Gambler’s Help at 1800 858 858 if you have a gambling problem and are interested in a self-exclusion program or other remedies.

»Massive change to pokies rooms for problem gamblers«

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