Love Island-Influenced Woman’s Lip Filler Nightmare: Urges Others to Research Before Cosmetic Procedures

Love Island-Influenced Woman’s Lip Filler Nightmare: Urges Others to Research Before Cosmetic Procedures

...By Alan Peterson for TDPel Media.

Influenced by Love Island Stars and TikTok Videos

A woman, Harriet Green, who was influenced by Love Island stars and TikTok videos, has issued a plea for others to thoroughly research cosmetic procedures after she was left unable to close her mouth following lip fillers.


Seeking plumper lips, Harriet visited a salon in December and received 1.1ml of filler, but her experience quickly turned into a nightmare.

Lingering Swelling and Hard Lumps

Immediately after the procedure, Harriet’s lips swelled up and bruised, but she was assured by the salon that it was normal and would subside within weeks.

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However, even after three months, her lips remained swollen, and she developed painful hard lumps that made it difficult to close her mouth.

The physical discomfort and self-consciousness prompted her to seek corrective procedures.

Multiple Corrective Procedures and Dissolving Filler

Harriet underwent three corrective procedures, costing a total of £700, to dissolve the excessive hyaluronic acid-based filler and restore her lips to normal.

She turned to Dr. Raja, a GP with her own aesthetics clinic, who adjusted the filler placement and gradually dissolved the excess product.


Lessons Learned and Cautionary Advice

Harriet emphasizes the importance of conducting thorough research before undergoing any cosmetic procedure.

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She warns against numbing one’s own lips before the treatment, as advised by the salon.

Harriet urges individuals to scrutinize practitioners, seek healed pictures of previous clients’ results, and not solely rely on social media images that may present immediate post-procedure appearances.

Influence of Social Media and Reality Shows

Harriet acknowledges the significant impact of social media platforms and reality shows like Love Island on people’s desire to pursue cosmetic enhancements.

She admits that her TikTok feed, filled with jaw filler and Botox content, initially swayed her decision.

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Harriet highlights the need to challenge the normalization of cosmetic procedures, as popular media often portrays an unrealistic standard of beauty.

A Cautionary Tale for Others

Having gone through the distressing experience, Harriet declares that she will never undergo any facial procedures again.

She hopes her cautionary tale will encourage individuals to approach cosmetic enhancements with caution, prioritize thorough research, and seek natural-looking, healed results rather than being solely swayed by temporary post-treatment appearances.


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