Expert Advice: Aesthetic Practitioner Reveals 5 Cosmetic Procedures to Avoid

Expert Advice: Aesthetic Practitioner Reveals 5 Cosmetic Procedures to Avoid

Beauty Advice from a Medical Aesthetic Practitioner

Dr. Richard Devine, a London-based aesthetics doctor, has shared essential advice for individuals considering cosmetic treatments in a recent TikTok video.

In this video, he cautions against several popular beauty enhancements, aiming to inform potential clients and encourage them to make informed decisions.

Thread Lifts: A Painful and Temporary Option

First, Dr. Devine advises against thread lifts, a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that uses threads under the skin to create a lifted appearance.

While these procedures are less invasive than facelifts, he highlights their drawbacks, including pain, cost, and limited longevity.

Russian Lips: Proceed with Caution

Dr. Devine moves on to Russian lips, a technique involving injecting filler from the inside of the lip outwards, resulting in a lifted look rather than a plumper appearance.

He warns against this procedure, stating that it can lead to an unnatural appearance, humorously adding that it may make individuals resemble ducks.

Avoid Non-Medical Professionals

His third caution is directed at having cosmetic treatments performed by beauticians or non-medical professionals.

He emphasizes that non-medics lack proper medical training and may struggle to manage complications if anything goes wrong, often disappearing when faced with such issues.

Concerns with Juvederm Filler

Dr. Devine’s fourth warning pertains to Juvederm filler, a dermal filler used for facial volume enhancement.

He notes that in his experience, this filler tends to swell over time, potentially distorting the initial results.

The Dangers of Sunbeds

In his final piece of advice, Dr. Devine strongly advises against using sunbeds.

He explains that sunbeds can damage collagen over time, leading to wrinkles in the skin.

Additionally, they pose a significant cancer risk, making their use highly inadvisable.

Positive Reception to Expert Advice

The video has received widespread attention, accumulating over 1.6 million views.

Viewers in the comments section have expressed their appreciation for the valuable insights provided by Dr. Devine.

Many have agreed with his recommendations, particularly emphasizing the importance of seeking treatments from qualified medical professionals to ensure safety and desired results.

This report by Alanah Khosla reflects Dr. Devine’s efforts to educate individuals about the potential risks associated with certain cosmetic treatments and promote informed decision-making in the beauty industry.

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