Katie Price Reveals ‘Real Lips’ After Filler Dissolve and Confronts Supermarket Troll Incident

Katie Price, a well-known television personality at the age of 45, has opted to unveil her “real lips” after undergoing a procedure to dissolve her lip fillers.

Over the years, she has been no stranger to cosmetic surgeries, having undergone a multitude of procedures, including approximately 16 breast augmentations, buttock lifts, facelifts, as well as filler and Botox treatments.

On September 20, Katie took to social media to share her latest cosmetic endeavor with her fans.

A Look at Katie’s Latest Cosmetic Journey

In her Instagram update, Katie disclosed her intention to acquire the trendy ‘Russian Doll’ lip fillers, necessitating the removal of her previous lip fillers.

This provided her followers with an opportunity to witness her natural lip appearance, a sight unseen for several years.

Filming the process on her Instagram Story, she excitedly shared with her fans the progress of her transformation, stating, “I’m back. Got the eyelashes done, eyebrows – but guess what?

“The lips. They’re back, how good are they? Russian doll lips, 3D lips.”

Confronting a Supermarket Troll

In an unrelated incident, Katie Price recounted an unpleasant encounter with a troll while shopping at a supermarket.

She shared this experience on her podcast, The Katie Price Show, where she and her sister Sophie were discussing their encounters with the public.

Katie narrated the incident, explaining that she was in a local Tesco with her children Bunny and Princess when two girls, accompanied by a child, shouted derogatory comments at her.

Katie recalled that one of them yelled, “you’re a s***!”

Sophie expressed her disbelief, asking, “Really?” Katie responded with determination, “Yeah, you’re a s***!”

Sophie questioned the persistence of such behavior in today’s world.

Katie continued to describe the situation, detailing how she confronted the individuals who had insulted her.

She confronted them, saying, “Excuse me? What did you say?”

She then challenged them further, “You don’t even know me. Come here and say it to my face then. I was fuming!

“I said: ‘How dare you say that when I have got kids here. You don’t know nothing about me. You’ve got no right to call me s***. You don’t even know me’.”

This narrative highlights Katie Price’s recent cosmetic journey, revealing her “real lips” after dissolving her fillers, and also sheds light on an unfortunate encounter with a troll in a supermarket, where she asserted herself in the face of unwarranted criticism.

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