Delivering Oxygen to India’s Remotest Parts, The Story of Absstem

Delivering Oxygen to India’s Remotest Parts, The Story of Absstem

In March 2021, India witnessed a devastating second wave of COVID-19, it only took 70 days for the virus to sicken 11 million Indians. As hospitals were overflowing, an oxygen crisis erupted with thousands scrounging for oxygen cylinders as the country faced an acute shortage.

Absstem today, has installed over 180 Oxygen Generators in 20 States across India

The government reported that they had increased medical oxygen production by 129% in August 2020 alone, yet, the country faced widespread shortages. Having witnessed the crisis first hand, Absstem Technologies, one of India’s largest medical oxygen providers has undertaken a mission to provide oxygen to the remotest parts of India, promising reliability and international quality.

Absstem provides globally recognised medical oxygen generators that produce NABL Lab certified oxygen 24/7. These generators can be easily set up in hospitals, providing automatic oxygen cylinder filling and a medical gas pipeline system.

Lasting about more than 10 years, these generators don’t rely upon an external source for production, they are able to cater to immediate medical needs of a hospital without any lag. This becomes extremely beneficial in remote areas of the country that lack health infrastructure.

Today, Absstem has successfully established over 180 oxygen generators and counting in over 20 Indian States. Most of these generators are in remote areas that were most affected by the oxygen crisis. Absstem’s long-term goal and future mission is to be the largest supplier of medical oxygen generation system.

From installation to service, these generators operate within five minutes and with their highly user-friendly interface, they are extremely convenient for use. Not to mention, their maintenance is done by Absstem completely, allowing hospitals to save a significant account and providing them with an opportunity to utilise the funds to provide more medical services.

Absstem’s machines are homegrown and engineers have studied the Indian geography extensively to produce products that are suited to the needs of Indians. The companys oxygen plants are further designed to suit the hospitals’ campus and infrastructure to eliminate any potential space issues. The extremely compact and flexible design of the PSA oxygen plant has enabled those hospitals having space issues in installing these types of machines.

The founders of Absstem unanimously agree that bringing new technologies to the people is never easy without awareness of its significance. They admit to having struggled with deployment for one year and after their installation, it’s only upwards for them. Today they are known to produce the market’s most innovative and long-lasting medical products with minimal breakdowns that have reached the country’s most vulnerable.

Absstem is not a company but a thinking that aims to take India’s mission of being independent in technology one step ahead with its innovative and transformative solutions. We say this with immense pride, that it’s a product made by Indians, for Indians and the world beyond.

Oxygen for Life-Absstem for India.

»Delivering Oxygen to India’s Remotest Parts, The Story of Absstem«

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