Warning to Dog Owners: Rope Toy Incident Leaves Puppy Fighting for Life

Warning to Dog Owners: Rope Toy Incident Leaves Puppy Fighting for Life

…By Joseph Benjamin for TDPel Media. A dire warning has been issued by pet experts to dog owners following a distressing incident involving a five-month-old Red Labrador named Rango.


The adorable pup found himself in a critical condition after devouring an entire rope toy that had been carelessly left behind by a visitor.

The consequences were severe as the rope unraveled through Rango’s small intestine, causing extensive damage.

To save his life, Rango had to undergo a life-threatening surgery, resulting in the removal of a staggering 70% of his small intestine.

With such a grave condition, veterinarians held little hope for Rango’s survival.

Refusing to give up on Rango’s fight for survival, his breeder went to great lengths to find alternative solutions that would aid in his recovery.

Recalling a dog food trial conducted by veterinary students from the University of Glasgow, Rango’s breeder had participated in the past.


This trial compared the effects of Tuggs’ insect-based dog food with premium raw dog food.

It involved two litters of puppies, each following a different diet, while the students meticulously observed their weight, energy levels, stools, and overall body condition.

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Considering Rango’s delicate state, his breeder had to exercise extreme caution when selecting his food.

Encouraged by the promising outcomes of the trial, they decided to introduce Tuggs’ insect-based food into his diet, hoping it would facilitate his recovery.

Remarkably, Rango’s condition started to improve gradually, with his appetite gradually returning.

The insect-based recipes from Tuggs provided him with essential amino acids, fats, and minerals like iron, calcium, and zinc, aiding his recovery.

Ultimately, Rango made a full recovery, defying the odds that were stacked against him.

Reflecting on the incident, veterinarian Dr. Sheldon Steinmetz described the tragic situation Rango had faced, emphasizing the dangers of unattended rope toys.


He highlighted the severe risks associated with dogs ingesting such objects, particularly when they become lodged in the small intestine, making natural passage nearly impossible.

Given the severity of Rango’s illness and the extent of the damage, Dr. Steinmetz estimated his chances of survival to be a mere 15%.

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Katie McCaul, an expert nutritionist at Tuggs, issued a cautionary message to pet owners regarding the selection of safe toys for their dogs.

McCaul explained that dogs possess a natural instinct to chew and often become intrigued by toys, occasionally leading them to swallow objects.

She warned that ingesting a significant portion of a rope chew toy can be fatal, urging owners to watch out for signs of gastrointestinal distress such as vomiting, diarrhea, or loss of appetite.

In case of any concerning symptoms, immediate veterinary assistance should be sought.

McCaul further advised pet owners to prevent dogs from consuming inappropriate objects by providing them with safe and appropriate chew toys while supervising playtime.

Engaging dogs in regular exercise and mental stimulation can help reduce their inclination to chew on unsuitable items.


If a dog shows signs of aggressive chewing or attempts to swallow a toy, it should be promptly replaced with a safe alternative.

McCaul also emphasized the importance of teaching dogs the “leave it” command to help them understand and respect boundaries.

In conclusion, McCaul highlighted the pivotal role of diet in aiding pets’ recovery after illnesses or injuries.

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She recommended Tuggs’ insect-based, tailor-made recipes, which are endorsed by independent veterinarians and nutritionists, as the healthiest choice for dogs.

By prioritizing safe toys, proper supervision, and a well-balanced diet, pet owners can ensure the well-being and safety of their beloved companions.


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