Mum Reflects on Disappointment and Resilience after Premature Birth: A Journey of Challenges and Hope

…By Jack Sylva for TDPel Media. Chloe Anslow, a 26-year-old mother, expresses her sense of being robbed after her baby was born prematurely despite her efforts to ensure a “smooth pregnancy.”


She had taken various measures, including dietary changes, but unexpectedly started bleeding, leading to a caesarean delivery 15 weeks early.

The Challenges of Early Birth

Chase, Chloe’s son, arrived on March 22, weighing only 1.4lb, significantly below the average weight for newborns.

While Chloe is delighted with her child, she can’t help but feel disappointed about the way her pregnancy came to an end.

Compounding the situation, her partner Joe Hutchings, 30, was unable to be present during the birth, and Chloe couldn’t touch or hold Chase, who remains in the hospital.

Seeking Answers through a Review

Amid the circumstances, a review is underway to investigate what went wrong during Chloe’s pregnancy.

Chloe eagerly anticipates understanding the reasons behind the unexpected turn of events, hoping to find closure and answers.


Unforeseen Complications

Reflecting on her journey, Chloe shares how everything took a sudden turn the week before Chase was born.

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She contracted Covid-19 despite being vaccinated, forcing her to take time off work.

Then, she experienced unexplained bleeding on March 16, which led her to the hospital.

Although doctors reassured her it was nothing to worry about, the bleeding resumed four days later, accompanied by abdominal pains.

An Intense Medical Mystery

Chloe returned to work the next day, assuming everything was fine, but the bleeding persisted.

Doctors at the hospital struggled to identify the cause, spending several hours trying to unravel the mystery.

Despite no indications of labor or cervical dilation, test results revealed Chloe would be giving birth within a few hours.

Transferred for Surgery

Chloe was transferred to Bristol St. Michael’s Hospital, leaving her partner Joe behind as he couldn’t drive.


Following the administration of steroids, anaesthetics, and magnesium phosphate, Chloe underwent surgery in the early hours of March 22.

Fortunately, the procedure was successful, and Chase was immediately placed in an incubator.

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Grief and Helplessness

While Chloe acknowledges the right decision to keep Joe away, she mourns the loss of the pregnancy she had envisioned.

Throughout her journey, the support from medical professionals has been heartening, with comforting gestures during her surgery.

Nonetheless, she grapples with a sense of helplessness and questions her abilities as a mother, especially during Chase’s early days when medical professionals attended to all his needs.

A Challenging Start and a Thriving Baby

Chloe couldn’t touch or hold Chase for several days as he stayed in the incubator, which she found both daunting and unsettling.

Despite his small size at birth, Chase has grown remarkably and now weighs a healthy 1.54kg (3lb 6oz).

However, he continues to face challenges with a heart duct closing and has experienced several dangerous infections.


Navigating the Road Ahead

Chloe acknowledges that Chase should have had more time to grow for better health outcomes.

Presently, she spends a significant amount of time at the hospital, expecting Chase to remain there until his due date on July 5.

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Medical professionals have cautioned about potential delays in reaching developmental milestones and the possibility of eye and hip issues. Frequent ultrasounds are being conducted to monitor Chase’s heart and lungs.

Chloe remains uncertain about what the future holds but is grateful for Chase’s presence, recognizing that patience is now essential.


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