Beloved Cocker Spaniel’s Tragic Death Prompts Urgent Warning to Dog Owners about Toxic Dangers During Walks

Beloved Cocker Spaniel’s Tragic Death Prompts Urgent Warning to Dog Owners about Toxic Dangers During Walks

The Treasure family is facing a heart-wrenching tragedy as their two-year-old cocker spaniel, Randall, passed away after falling critically ill during a walk at a popular spot.


In the wake of this devastating event, they are urging other dog owners to be vigilant about potential toxins their pets might ingest or come into contact with while out walking.

Randall had been a source of immense comfort and companionship, especially for Melonie Treasure after her husband’s passing.

His sudden demise has left a void in their lives, prompting them to raise awareness to protect other beloved pets.

Mystery Surrounding Randall’s Illness

The cause of Randall’s illness remains unknown, as veterinarians were unable to pinpoint the exact toxin he might have encountered.


Despite not being a scavenger dog, it was suspected that he might have ingested something toxic during his walk at Page Park on the outskirts of Bristol.

Sadly, the rapid progression of his condition hindered the vets’ ability to intervene effectively, leading to his untimely demise.

Urgent Plea for Vigilance and Awareness

In the aftermath of Randall’s passing, Melonie’s daughter took to Facebook to express concerns about the possibility of someone deliberately leaving hazardous substances for dogs.

This post garnered significant attention within the local community, but concrete evidence regarding the cause of Randall’s illness remains elusive.

While suggestions of cannabis or blue-green algae exposure were raised, no obvious signs of such substances were found in the park.


Recognizing the Symptoms and Seeking Immediate Veterinary Care

The Treasure family implores other pet owners to seek prompt veterinary attention if they suspect their dogs have ingested anything dangerous.

Different toxins manifest with various symptoms, making it challenging for pet owners to identify potential dangers.

To help others be vigilant, they advocate referring to the RSPCA’s website, which provides a list of symptoms associated with common poisonous toxins.

A Tragic and Swift Decline

Randall’s illness progressed rapidly after his usual walk with his dog walker.

Upon returning home, he exhibited unusual behavior, drinking more water than usual and appearing restless.


His condition quickly worsened as he became weak on his feet and eventually collapsed.

Melonie tried to care for him, but his symptoms intensified, leaving the family filled with worry and anxiety.

Despite their efforts and the veterinary hospital’s care, Randall’s health deteriorated further, and he tragically passed away, leaving a void in the hearts of his loved ones.

A Loving and Lively Companion

Described as a happy and energetic cocker spaniel who cherished cuddles, Randall brought immense joy to the Treasure family.

Melonie takes solace in the belief that he is now reunited with her late husband and their previous dog.


Although deeply saddened by his loss, she finds comfort in knowing that he might be providing companionship to her husband in the afterlife.

Seeking Answers and Raising Awareness

In response to the incident, South Gloucestershire Council, which oversees Page Park, expressed deep sadness and concern.

They are keen to learn more about the circumstances surrounding Randall’s death and are urging the dog’s owners to share the vet’s report to better understand the cause and potentially prevent similar incidents in the future.

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