Unconventional Inheritance – Chinese Woman Leaves Fortune to Pets, New York Billionaire Bequeaths Millions to Toy Terrier

Unconventional Inheritance – Chinese Woman Leaves Fortune to Pets, New York Billionaire Bequeaths Millions to Toy Terrier

In a remarkable departure from traditional inheritance practices, two affluent women, one from China and another from New York, have made headlines for their unconventional decisions regarding the distribution of their fortunes.

The Chinese woman, identified as Ms. Liu, has chosen to bequeath her substantial wealth to her beloved pets, citing feelings of neglect from her adult children.

Meanwhile, in New York, billionaire Leona Helmsley made headlines for leaving a staggering amount to her Maltese terrier, Trouble.

Ms. Liu’s Unusual Decision:

Ms. Liu, an elderly woman from China, has reportedly altered her will, redirecting her 20 million yuan fortune towards the well-being of her cats and dogs.

Initially intending to leave money and property to her three children, Ms. Liu’s change of heart is attributed to her perception of being neglected by her adult offspring.

She has expressed finding ‘companionship and comfort’ in her pets and has mandated that her wealth be utilized for the care of her animals and their progeny.

Ms. Liu’s decision raises questions about familial dynamics and the emotional bonds individuals may form with their pets, reshaping the narrative of inheritance.

Leona Helmsley’s Bequest to a Toy Terrier:

Leona Helmsley, a property billionaire from New York, gained attention for leaving a substantial £6 million to her toy Maltese terrier, Trouble.

Despite the initial bequest, legal proceedings ensued, with a judge ultimately ordering a reduced inheritance for the canine heir.

Helmsley’s grandchildren, excluded from the will, contested its validity, claiming their grandmother was not of sound mind during its creation, leading to a contentious legal battle.

The case of Leona Helmsley adds a layer of complexity, introducing legal challenges and familial disputes over the unconventional bequest.


These unique stories of inheritance underscore the evolving nature of estate planning and challenge societal norms surrounding familial obligations.

As individuals explore alternative beneficiaries for their wealth, be it beloved pets or cherished toys, the legal and emotional dimensions of such decisions continue to spark public fascination.

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