Four Nurses Arrested in Tanzania for Alleged Organ Harvesting from Twin Babies

Four Nurses Arrested in Tanzania for Alleged Organ Harvesting from Twin Babies

...By Joseph Benjamin for TDPel Media.

In the western region of Tanzania’s Tabora, four nurses are facing charges in court for allegedly harvesting organs from twin babies.


The gruesome discovery was made by the mother, who found her babies with gouged-out eyes and peeled skin on their foreheads.

A committee established to investigate the incident revealed that the mutilation occurred after the babies’ deaths, and authorities believe the organ harvesting is linked to witchcraft.

Arrest and Suspension of Nurses:

The four nurses suspected of the crime have been arrested and are currently under investigation.

Tabora’s regional commissioner, Batilta Buriani, announced that these nurses, who are public servants, have been suspended from their duties.

Additionally, Buriani stated that the nurses misled the investigating committee by falsely claiming that the babies were kept in the maternity ward, whereas they were actually found in the nurses’ room.

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Lack of Neonatal Care Services:

According to a report from the hospital, the babies’ deaths were attributed to a lack of neonatal care services.


The required medical attention was unavailable at the hospital during the time of the twins’ birth.

The BBC reported on the absence of necessary services, highlighting the tragic circumstances surrounding the infants’ care.

No Response from the Nurses:

At present, the nurses involved in the case have not provided any comments regarding the allegations made against them.

The investigation will likely shed more light on their involvement and motives.

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Organ Harvesting in Tanzania:

The incident of organ harvesting from the twin babies is not an isolated occurrence in Tanzania.

Last year, the ISS (Institute for Security Studies) reported on an underground trade of human organs within the country.

Individuals with albinism faced a harrowing reality, as their body parts were sought after in black markets, both when they were alive or deceased.

These body parts were often used for witchcraft purposes, as some believed they held magical properties.


Albinos in Tanzania face social alienation, discrimination, and limited freedom of movement, often being blamed for natural disasters.

Pricing and Use of Organs:

Criminals involved in the organ trade in Tanzania set a price of $75,000 for sets of organs, which are sold to wealthy buyers.

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The ISS report highlighted that bones, skin, and internal organs were used to create amulets or concoctions believed to bring good fortune, health, wealth, and even supernatural abilities, such as the power of flight.


The case of the four nurses charged with organ harvesting from twin babies in Tabora, Tanzania, has shocked the region and brought attention to the ongoing issue of illegal organ trade in the country.

Investigations will continue to uncover further details about the motives and extent of their involvement, shedding light on a dark and dangerous practice that exploits vulnerable individuals.


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