Tony Armstrong takes on Cassius Turvey after a Perth schoolboy is allegedly beaten to death with a pole

Tony Armstrong takes on Cassius Turvey after a Perth schoolboy is allegedly beaten to death with a pole

During a fiery rant on live television, Tony Armstrong stated that the alleged murder of an Indigenous youngster is not “Hollywood enough” for Australians to care.

The presenter of ABC News Breakfast presented The Project on Thursday evening, telling the group that he was “very angry” about the death of Cassius Turvey, who was allegedly killed with a metal rod.

Cassius, 15, and his pals were heading home from school on October 13 when a bunch of men began chasing them with a machete and metal pipes.

While his buddies sought refuge in a nearby TAFE, Cassius was allegedly discovered by the mob and savagely beaten, suffering major head injuries in the Perth assault.

Cassius was hospitalized for five days and readmitted after suffering a seizure and two strokes. He passed dead on Sunday, 10 days after the violent assault.

Armstrong stated that the death of the Indigenous student was not enough ‘Hollywood’ to attract the attention of the Australian public or the media.

“This is a 15-year-old boy who had ambitions, plans, and aspirations, and we witnessed how pleased he was when he did his radio segment,” he said.

“It’s not sufficiently Hollywood. It is not sufficiently Hollywood for the Australian public and media to care. People think we’re getting better. Since the emergence of Black Lives Matter, there has been an increase in deaths in custody.

We don’t want to discuss how this is a racial incident because there is never any action.

‘However, it all boils down to the fact that the worth of property has been deemed greater than the life of a 15-year-old black boy.

How do you believe families feel about sending their children away? It’s disgusting and I’m furious. I understand that many mobs are distressed, and my heart goes out to the family.

Lisa Wilkinson questioned why Western Australian Police downplayed the incident by stating that Cassius was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

She stated, “This was a teen in his school uniform strolling down the street in full daylight.”

Where else are you supposed to be besides walking home in your school uniform? Armstrong responded, “Like a lot of people, my heart is broken.”

Armstrong’s appeal comes after it was revealed that the putative getaway driver was the girlfriend of Jack Brearley, the man accused of murdering Cassius.

The police claim that she was also out on bail for multiple counts of assault.

It is believed that the woman was driving the black utility vehicle when it drew up behind the kids on Paterson Drive in Middle Swan.

The lads asserted that she hurled racist obscenities from the car before her boyfriend, Jack Brearley, 21, allegedly beat Cassius.

The West Australian reports that Mr. Brearley has been charged with murder in connection with the attack and that his girlfriend is presently collaborating with WA Police.

She is scheduled to appear in Perth Magistrates Court next month on charges unrelated to each other, including two counts of common assault, one act of cocaine possession, and one case of attempted aggravated robbery.

In the meantime, a leading police officer’s remark that Cassius was “in the wrong place at the wrong time” provoked widespread criticism.

Commissioner Col Blanch stated on 6PR radio earlier this week that a ‘damage incident’ involving shattered windows prompted the alleged attack.

Mr Blanch was questioned by host Gareth Parker if there was any evidence that Cassius and his companions were involved in the property damage incident.

He stated, “At this juncture in the investigation, we have no evidence to imply that.”

Possible case of mistaken identity. It’s possible that I was at the wrong place at the wrong moment, but I wouldn’t want the community to jump to conclusions.

Some social media users accused Cmr Blanch’s of ‘victim blaming,’ while others claimed that police refused to recognize the act for what it is: ‘obvious racism.’

One commentator, however, backed the chief of police, stating, “He was suggesting that the police were investigating the possibility of mistaken identity in order to determine a motive.”

Commissioner Blanch stated that police were not currently “working on any racist principles or intentions” and that investigations were ongoing.

»Tony Armstrong takes on Cassius Turvey after a Perth schoolboy is allegedly beaten to death with a pole«

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