The epic warrior tale ‘The Woman King’ has flaws, but its cast shines

The epic warrior tale ‘The Woman King’ has flaws, but its cast shines

Black is attractive, and this is especially evident in “The Woman King,” in which beautiful black actors portray difficult and imperfect characters.

Gina Prince-latest Bythewood’s film, “The Woman King,” portrays the story of the Agojie, an all-female force of warriors who safeguarded the African kingdom of Dahomey in the 1800s.

The emotionally-charged epic adventure of General Nanisca (Viola Davis) as she motivates King Ghezo (John Boyega) to confront the foes aiming to breach their honor and ruin their way of life.

Prince-Bythewood, who directed this film instead of the sequel to “The Old Guard,” performs an outstanding job.

I was first concerned about the accents throughout the film, but after 15 minutes it no longer bothered me. Unfortunately, it will offend many Africans because we cannot pinpoint the origin of the accents.


The idea to use the Wakanda-like accent (a generic accent supposed to indicate that individuals are from Africa) reportedly came from the studio, and the performers did the best they could under the circumstances.

After overcoming this obstacle, the film drew me into the inner political intrigues of Dahomey, which is fighting for its survival against the threat of neighboring tribes and enslavement.

With precise timing, Prince-Bythewood takes the reader deliberately and gradually into the plot. It is one of the reasons why “The Woman King” is so effective.

Another factor is the manner in which the abundant action is filmed. Fans of “The Old Guard” and “John Wick” will greatly appreciate the film’s intense action sequences.

Viola Davis and Gina Prince-Bythewood, who chose to direct this film instead of the Old Guard sequel. Image attribution: 2022 CTMG, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Despite the absence of firearms, which are typically a staple of action movies, the film manages to depict dramatic fighting scenes. While firearms are utilized, the emphasis is on the ability and power required to handle swords.

When on-screen warriors engage in combat, the weight of their efforts is palpable.

The majority of “The Woman King’s” plot, which is based on a script by Dana Stevens, is incredibly effective. The plot is imperfect, but the film is an engaging and amusing success overall.

General Nanisca, portrayed by Viola Davis, is a fierce woman who bears the responsibility of safeguarding her tribe, but she is also a flawed woman who conceals her own secrets.

Thuso Mbedu portrays Nawi, a young orphaned girl who has had to acquire independence after resisting her adoptive father’s attempts to marry her off. When he realizes that she is destined to never marry or have children, he hands her over to the Agojie at the palace.

Thuso Mbedu portrays Nawi, while Viola Davis plays General Nanisca. Image attribution: 2022 CTMG, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Without revealing her character’s path, there are numerous instances in which Nawi’s narrative fails.

It appears as like they are attempting to shoehorn in a subplot that isn’t quite consistent with the rest of the film; moreover, it feels like it was added to cater to a specific audience.

Other than these two concerns, I was completely absorbed in the film, which deserves praise for its scope and the caliber of its black actresses and actors.

Those of us from African countries are used to seeing black actors and actresses in movies and on television, but “The Woman King” is a special treat since we get to watch them being badass.

A lot of South African performers participate in the film in various capacities, including cameos, featured extras, and speaking roles, which will fill South Africans with enormous joy.

It is a moment that fills me with pride to see our talent given the spotlight, and I genuinely hope that this film will only lead to additional opportunities for them.

The cast of Prince-Bythewood is superb. She stated that she wanted to create an outfit that reflected the enormous diversity of our diaspora, which she did.

While this may deter some, it allows many black people from many corners of the world to connect through the actors they share a connection with.

Thuso Mbedu is from South Africa, Lashana Lynch is from Jamaica, and Sheila Atim is from the United Kingdom but is also Ugandan. We have West African women and African-American women. This was done on purpose to bring us all together and convey our tale. “I adore the excitement it gave to the set,” remarked Prince-Bythewood.

While I cannot fully comment on the womanhood depicted on screen, it was a great pleasure to see black women of varied shades and personalities portraying these characters.

It was a pleasure to witness the Agojie fighters develop an impenetrable sisterhood on film. In a typical Hollywood action film, you can count the number of black ladies on screen at any given moment, but it was stunning to see the entire screen filled with black performers.

It should also be noted that although the film was not required to have black men on screen, it does them a great service and offers the male performers in the picture a lot to accomplish without detracting from the tale.

Prince-Bythewood and Dana Stevens should be applauded for the fact that “The Woman King” has something to offer everyone.

The film “The Woman King” celebrates the phrase “black is beautiful” in every shot, and despite its flaws, it is absolutely worth watching.

In the setting of a historical film, it’s a joy to see black characters that are multifaceted, scheming, heroic, and strong, exemplifying much of what it means to be black on-screen.

“The Woman King” demonstrates that black people are magical, and as many individuals as possible must see this.

Rating: 7.5/10


»The epic warrior tale ‘The Woman King’ has flaws, but its cast shines«

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