Controversy Surrounds The Crown’s Depiction of Princess Diana’s Ghost

Controversy Surrounds The Crown’s Depiction of Princess Diana’s Ghost

The recent release of the sixth series of Netflix’s hit show, The Crown, has stirred up a wave of criticism and debate among viewers.

While the emotional portrayal of Princess Diana’s last days tugged at heartstrings, the inclusion of scenes featuring her ghost engaging in imaginary conversations with other royals has sparked backlash.

The Imaginary Conversations Unveiled

In part one of the series, particularly the fourth episode, viewers witnessed scenes where Princess Diana’s spirit, portrayed by Elizabeth Debicki, interacts with Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth.

The first encounter occurs when Charles, played by Dominic West, flies to Paris to collect Diana’s body. The ghostly exchange, where Diana expresses gratitude and Charles confesses regret, left audiences perplexed.

The Unsettling Moments

Further imaginary conversations unfold, notably when Diana’s ghost appears after a disagreement between the Queen and other royals regarding the display of grief.

Taking hold of the Queen’s hand, Diana’s spirit suggests a revolutionary approach and encourages the monarch to show a willingness to learn. These moments, intended to depict the internal struggles of the characters, were met with criticism for being ‘ridiculous’ and ‘crass.’

Viewer Reactions on Social Media

Social media platforms, particularly X (formerly known as Twitter), became a battleground for contrasting opinions.

Some viewers found the scenes distracting, with one likening them to “Jurassic Park 3 vibes.” Others labeled the show as having “lost the plot” and criticized the choice to include imaginary conversations with Diana’s ghost.

Defenders and Detractors

While some defended the creative choice, comparing it to internal conversations one might have with a deceased loved one, others vehemently rejected the portrayal of Diana’s ghost.

Series creator Peter Morgan clarified that the intention was not to depict a traditional ghost but rather to show Diana’s vivid presence in the minds of those left behind.

Behind the Scenes and Filming Choices

The emotional first four episodes of the series cover Princess Diana’s tragic car crash in Paris and the Royal Family’s reactions, as well as her summer holiday in St Tropez with Dodi Al-Fayed.

Controversial scenes depict Charles conversing with Diana’s imaginary presence on a royal plane and later with the Queen.

Addressing the Criticism

Critics labeled the scenes as ‘farcical,’ but Morgan insisted that the intention was not to portray Diana’s ghost in the traditional sense.

The Crown, created by Morgan after his successful 2006 film about the Royal Family’s reaction to Diana’s death, navigates familiar ground with fresh information gathered in the 17 years since the film’s release.

A Series Evolving with Current Events

The Crown, known for its historical inaccuracies, had to adapt its scripts throughout filming due to ongoing headlines surrounding the Royal Family.

The release of Prince Harry’s memoir Spare added another layer of relevance, showcasing the series’ commitment to staying current and relevant.

In the midst of criticism and defense, The Crown’s sixth series continues to explore the complexities of Princess Diana’s life and legacy, sparking intense conversations among viewers.

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