Controversy Surrounds ‘Poor Things’ as Emma Stone Embraces Sexual Role

Emma Stone’s Bold Performance in “Poor Things”

Embracing Freedom in Filming

Actress Emma Stone, known for her roles in films like “La La Land,” had to fully immerse herself in her character while filming her latest movie, “Poor Things.”

This film contains “strong and pervasive sexual content and graphic nudity,” and director Yorgos Lanthimos commended Stone’s dedication to the role of Bella Baxter.

A Tale of Revival and Liberation

Based on the 1992 novel of the same name, “Poor Things” tells the story of Bella, who is brought back to life by a scientist after taking her own life.

Upon her revival, she falls for a “debauched lawyer” and embarks on a journey of “self-discovery and sexual liberation.” This R-rated film explores Bella’s experiences, including her sexual encounters, as a vital part of her character’s development.

Sexual Content as an Essential Element

Director Yorgos Lanthimos emphasized that the sexual content in the film was integral to Bella’s character arc.

He explained that they chose not to shy away from it, as it would have been disingenuous to portray a character so free and open while being prudish about the sexual aspect.

Lanthimos, Emma Stone, and the team believed that Bella’s character had to be portrayed without judgment.

Bella’s Journey of Freedom

Regarding Bella’s character, the director stated that she should learn about sexuality just as she learns about language, love, science, and politics—equally and without inhibition.

He praised Emma Stone’s performance, describing it as incredible and highlighting the vulnerability, sensitivity, and humor she brought to the role.

Bold Scenes and Controversy

“Poor Things” features several scenes with Emma Stone in explicit situations, as her character becomes a sex worker in Paris. Some of these scenes were so provocative that viewers at the film’s premiere at the Venice Film Festival left in shock.

Journalists were even given a heads-up about the film’s explicit content before watching it.

Stone’s Fearless Performance

Variety’s review of the film commended Emma Stone’s performance, describing her as “one of cinema’s horniest legends.” Her portrayal of Bella is fearless, capturing every aspect of the human sexual experience, from thrill to disappointment, disgust, horror, and intrigue.

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