Controversy Surrounds Proposed Hydrogen Plant in Bridgend: Local Residents Raise Concerns

Controversy Surrounds Proposed Hydrogen Plant in Bridgend: Local Residents Raise Concerns

...By Jack Sylva for TDPel Media.

The HyBont Green Hydrogen Project

Residents in Bridgend have responded to a planning application for the construction of a new hydrogen plant at Brynmenyn industrial estate.


The project, known as the HyBont Green Hydrogen Project, is being proposed by developers Marubeni.

The plant would include a hydrogen production facility, storage, and a refueling station, with the hydrogen generated through the electrolysis of water using electrical power.

Usage and Ownership of the Site

The Brynmenyn industrial estate, currently owned by Bridgend County Borough Council, is the proposed location for the hydrogen plant.

In addition to the plant, the site would also house a hydrogen storage facility, a hydrogen refueling station, and a backup generator.

The hydrogen produced at the site would be used to supply local refuse collection vehicles, buses, and light vehicles, as well as for heating Coleg y Dderwen, Brynmenyn Primary School, and Ynysawdre Sports Centre through a connected pipe.

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Opposition and Public Meeting

Despite the proposed benefits of the project, some local residents have expressed opposition due to concerns about the proximity of the site to a nearby housing estate.


In response, a public meeting was organized by residents in the village of Bryncethin to discuss the potential impacts of the hydrogen plant on their neighborhood.

Over 200 residents attended the meeting and raised concerns about public safety, emergency protocols, and increased traffic congestion.

Objectives and Objections

Councillor Tim Thomas acknowledged the residents’ concerns and highlighted the need for objections to be submitted to the planning committee.

He emphasized the importance of public opinion and the level of concern surrounding the proposal.

Local residents expressed their objections, citing safety issues, the facility’s proximity to residential areas, and potential traffic increase as reasons why they believe the hydrogen plant is not suitable for the location.

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Safety Measures and Community Feedback

The planning application includes a report from Marubeni that addresses safety concerns.

The report outlines emergency power supplies, backup generators, and an uninterruptible power supply system to ensure safe shut-down and emergency response.

The local council assured residents that all concerns submitted would be carefully considered by council members and officers before any decision is made.


The planning committee will discuss the proposal in the coming months.

Public Engagement and Decision-Making Process

Councillor John Spanswick urged residents to submit their comments and objections through the council’s planning portal.

He emphasized that all views would be taken into account before the proposal goes before the development control committee for a final decision.

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The next stage in the process involves a thorough evaluation of the concerns and considerations raised by the community.


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