The Crown’s Depiction of Prince Harry’s Nazi Uniform Incident

In the concluding episode of Netflix’s The Crown, Prince Harry’s infamous Nazi uniform blunder takes center stage, rekindling the embarrassment he has publicly acknowledged as one of his “biggest mistakes.”

The show’s portrayal of this historical incident, notably close to Prince Harry’s own recollection, adds a unique layer of complexity given the prince’s affiliation with the streaming service through an £80 million production deal.

Netflix’s Portrayal and Prince Harry’s Relationship:

Prince Harry’s discomfort over the Nazi uniform incident is resurrected in The Crown’s final episode, offering a depiction that seemingly aligns with his own perspective as shared in his memoir, Spare.

Despite the series’ increasingly dramatic plotlines, Prince Harry has refrained from criticizing the show, fostering a noteworthy symbiotic relationship, potentially influenced by his lucrative production deal with Netflix.

The intersection of real-life events and fictionalized portrayals in The Crown raises intriguing questions about how historical narratives are shaped, particularly when the individuals involved have ties to the platforms showcasing their stories.

The Historical Incident and Spare Memoir:

The Crown revisits the Nazi uniform controversy, capturing the trio—Prince Harry, Prince William, and Kate—planning for a ‘natives and colonials’ themed party.

The on-screen portrayal echoes Prince Harry’s version in Spare, where he attributes little responsibility to himself, instead implicating Prince William and Kate for encouraging his costume choice.

The convergence of real-life events and their dramatized versions prompts reflection on the role of personal narratives in shaping public perceptions, especially when brought to life through visual storytelling.

Dialogue and On-screen Dynamics:

The recreated scene involves the trio at a costume shop, debating the appropriateness of Prince Harry’s Afrika Korps uniform.

The dialogue reflects Prince Harry’s real-life explanation in Spare, showcasing the moment he chose the controversial outfit and performed the ‘Heil Hitler’ salute.

The subsequent scenes depict the fallout, including the Royal Family’s shock and a heated confrontation between the two brothers.

The careful reconstruction of dialogues and dynamics underscores the challenges of translating real-life events into dramatized narratives, emphasizing the delicate balance between accuracy and storytelling.

Prince Harry’s Perspective in Spare:

In Spare, Prince Harry paints himself as a victim, claiming that Prince William and Kate promised to help him find a suitable outfit.

The memoir details a phone call in which Prince Harry presented options, including the Nazi uniform, and received what he describes as an indifferent response.

Prince Harry’s narrative in Spare adds nuance to the controversy, offering insight into his perspective and the dynamics within the Royal Family during that period.

The Crown’s Creative Independence:

Despite Prince Harry’s affiliation with Netflix, The Crown’s writer, Peter Morgan, asserts his creative independence, emphasizing that he intentionally avoided reading Prince Harry’s memoir.

This decision reflects a desire to maintain creative autonomy while navigating the delicate balance of portraying real-life events.

The decision by The Crown’s writer to distance himself from Prince Harry’s memoir highlights the complexities of adapting personal accounts into scripted narratives, showcasing the challenges and choices involved in bringing historical events to the screen.


The finale of The Crown, centered on Prince Harry’s Nazi uniform incident, raises intriguing questions about the interplay between personal narratives, creative interpretations, and real-life affiliations.

As historical events become part of dramatized storytelling, the boundary between fact and fiction remains a nuanced and evolving landscape.

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