High Court Dismisses Entertainer’s Daughter’s Complaint Against Met Police Detective

High Court Dismisses Entertainer’s Daughter’s Complaint Against Met Police Detective

In a legal setback, Kristina O’Connor, the daughter of the late entertainer Des O’Connor, has lost a High Court battle against the Metropolitan Police.

The dispute arose from her complaint against Detective Chief Inspector (DCI) James Mason, who allegedly made inappropriate comments about her.

Background of the Case

The legal proceedings stemmed from an incident where DCI James Mason, 44, met Kristina O’Connor, 34, following a crime report she filed.

The detective’s alleged comment that she was ‘amazingly hot’ led to Ms. O’Connor’s complaint, triggering a series of legal actions.

Allegations and Legal Action

Ms. O’Connor took legal action against the Police Misconduct Panel, asserting that it failed to adequately address the ‘predatory and abusive’ actions of DCI Mason.

She further claimed that the Metropolitan Police had ‘failed to properly investigate’ her complaint. The Met Police and the misconduct panel contested these allegations.

High Court Decision

After considering the arguments presented during several High Court hearings, Mr. Justice Swift dismissed Ms. O’Connor’s application for judicial review.

The judge concluded that the steps taken during the disciplinary process were deemed ‘reasonable and appropriate.’

Details of Misconduct

The judge heard that Ms. O’Connor received numerous inappropriate messages from DCI Mason after reporting an attempted robbery in October 2011.

A police misconduct panel later found that Mason had ‘deliberately and repeatedly abused his position for a sexual purpose,’ leading to a final written warning. The detective resigned from the Metropolitan Police in late 2022.

Response and Potential Appeal

Lawyers representing Ms. O’Connor expressed disappointment with the High Court’s decision and indicated that they were considering an appeal. Ms. O’Connor, commenting after the ruling, emphasized her commitment to continuing the fight for justice for women.

Legal Perspectives

Despite the rejection of the challenges to the police commissioner and the panel, Ms. O’Connor’s lawyer, Nancy Collins, expressed disappointment with the dismissal. Mr. Justice Swift stated that the steps taken during the disciplinary process were sufficient and met the criteria of being both reasonable and appropriate.

In the aftermath of this legal development, the case highlights ongoing concerns and discussions surrounding the handling of complaints against law enforcement officers and the pursuit of justice in such matters.

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