Couple Discover A wall Is Packed With Empty Bottles Of Alcohol In Their New Home.

Hidden Rum Bottles in New Home

Unexpected Find During Home Move Cathy and Roy Aukamp, aged 51 and 52, residents of New Jersey, were in the midst of moving into their new home when they stumbled upon an astonishing secret. A mere two days after settling into their house, they faced a flooded basement due to severe storms in the area, and it was during this ordeal that they made an unbelievable discovery. While dealing with the aftermath of the flooding, the couple’s attention was drawn to one of the walls in their home.

The Astonishing Discovery Cathy recounted the shocking moment, saying, “My husband had to remove wet plasterboard and all these bottles came pouring out of one of the walls.” In a brief 30-second video capturing their discovery, Roy is seen kneeling beside the wall as bottles spill out from an opening. Empty bottles accumulate on the floor, leaving Roy in apparent astonishment. He glances up at the camera, moving the bottles across the room before shaking his head. Meanwhile, Cathy humorously questions, “Thirsty? It’s five o’clock somewhere!”

Online Reaction and Revelation The couple shared a clip of their remarkable find on Instagram, where it garnered significant attention. Instagram users were stunned by the sheer number of bottles. One commenter jokingly said, “You bought a house from Captain Morgan himself!” However, another user expressed sympathy, stating, “There is nothing funny about this; that poor person had a bad addiction, and I’m sorry that the new chapter in your life had to start off this way with your new home.” Interestingly, after posting the video online, Cathy received a message from the man who had originally hidden the bottles.

The Hidden Bottles’ Backstory Cathy explained, “The person who did it saw the video after it went viral and reached out and said there are hundreds more but also that he is now three years sober.”

A Chilling Discovery in a New Property

Unearthing a Secret Room In another surprising revelation, a couple in East Sussex, Steven, aged 54, and Carolyn Sparks, aged 42, stumbled upon a spine-chilling secret within a newly purchased property. During a contractor survey at a property in Brighton, they uncovered a hidden room behind a bathroom wall. This room contained only a solitary iron bed.

Discovery of the Hidden Room The couple required detailed renovation plans for the property, and it was during this survey that Steven and the architect found the door to the concealed room. However, the architect, upon entering to measure the basement, failed to mention the eerie single bed inside. It was only when the couple revisited the room with torches that they made the unsettling discovery. Images captured the single iron bed occupying a section of the room, with exposed floors, walls, and pipes. Stacks of disused boxes were found in one corner. This room, part of the original Victorian house, was historically used to store coal, with an access hole outside where coal would be poured down.

Room’s Potential for Horror Film As the property was being renovated, access to the basement was restricted to the hallway for emergency pipework access. This hidden room took on an eerie atmosphere and was even considered as a potential setting for a horror film

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