Royal Fans Criticize Fiction Book That Portrays Meghan Markle As A White Woman

Royal enthusiasts have expressed disapproval of a new fiction book, claiming it portrays the Duchess as a white woman. “Her Royal Highness,” authored by A.J. Arnault, an American writer, draws apparent inspiration from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s story.

The book narrates the tale of a British royal named Prince Archie who falls in love with Lucy, a violinist he encounters in New York. Initially shared on the fanfiction platform Wattpad, A.J. Arnault later decided to release it on Amazon in December.

The cover features a red-haired man alongside a white female character donning a red dress reminiscent of Meghan Markle’s attire at the 2021 Salute To Freedom Gala in New York City.

Criticism Over Book’s Depiction

Criticism arose when the book’s cover featured a character resembling Prince Harry alongside a white female lead wearing a dress similar to one worn by Meghan Markle. This portrayal sparked outrage among royal fans.

One Twitter user exclaimed, “The audacity of a writer to use Prince’s Harry likeness on the cover of her book & then to have the female lead be a white woman WEARING a copy of Meghan Markle’s dress. That’s the COVER! And to add insult, you name the main character Archie? How did you think this was OK?”

Author’s Apology and Response

In response to the backlash, A.J. Arnault issued an apology for any harm caused. She acknowledged the problematic themes and elements in her story and committed to addressing them through additional edits.

The author expressed deep sorrow for causing harm, particularly within the black community, and emphasized her commitment to rectifying the issues.

Synopsis of the Controversial Book

The book, with a rating of 2.41 stars on Goodreads based on 29 ratings and 22 reviews, tells the story of a heartbroken violist who becomes involved with the Prince of Wales, resulting in a royal engagement.

Prince Archie, previously known as Prince Arthur, visits New York City for a charity gala, where he meets Lucy Almont, a woman who owns a struggling charity and has recently been abandoned by her fiancé. A passionate night together leads to unexpected consequences as Archie’s brother, the current King of England, abdicates the throne.

The prince, caught in a compromising situation with Lucy, is compelled to marry her to maintain appearances. The plot revolves around their efforts to convince the public of their genuine love.

Mixed Reactions and Release Date

While some readers enjoyed the book, others criticized it for being a “blatant fanfiction about a real married man and the woman who thinks she should be the Princess.”

Despite the controversy, some reviewers praised the author’s writing style and the chemistry between the characters. “Her Royal Highness” is set to be available on December 1, with A.J. Arnault transitioning from a known author on Wattpad to publishing her work.

Author’s Statement and Publicity

The author had previously informed her Wattpad readers about the book’s upcoming release and expressed excitement about her first published work.

Despite the controversy, some social media users speculated that the author may have sought attention through the controversial elements in the book.

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