Omid Scobie Denies ‘Harry and Meghan’s’ Involvement in New Book ‘Endgame’: Focus on Current State of the British Royal Family

Omid Scobie Denies ‘Harry and Meghan’s’ Involvement in New Book ‘Endgame’: Focus on Current State of the British Royal Family

Royal reporter Omid Scobie asserts that his new book, “Endgame,” is not centered around ‘Harry and Meghan’ but focuses on the present state of the British Royal Family.

Despite the Duke and Duchess of Sussex distancing themselves from the book, its excerpts have caused a stir, unveiling alleged tensions within the family.

Denial and Social Media Reactions:

Clarification on Book’s Focus:

Omid Scobie takes to social media to clarify that “Endgame” is not ‘Harry and Meghan’s book’ and aims to provide a broader perspective on the current state of the British Royal Family.

Reactions on social media vary, with some expressing skepticism based on previous publications.

Meghan and Harry’s Denial:

Meghan and Harry categorically deny any affiliation with the book or Omid Scobie, emphasizing that they are not part of the ‘Sussex Camp.’

The denial follows an olive branch extended by the couple to Prince Charles on his 75th birthday, indicating potential communication efforts.

Book Excerpts and Royal Family Dynamics:

Claims from “Endgame”:

Excerpts from “Endgame” include allegations that Prince William ignored Harry’s texts during a critical period, leading Harry to charter his own plane.

The book also delves into the dynamics surrounding the Queen’s health and the alleged rifts within the Royal Family.

Criticism and Potential Fallout:

Critics, including royal journalists, express disapproval of Omid Scobie’s timing, releasing the book on King Charles’s 75th birthday.

Speculations arise about potential fallout, with suggestions that Scobie may face consequences for the damaging claims made in the book.

Impact on Royal Relationships:

The book’s claims, if true, threaten to strain further the relationship between Prince William and Prince Harry.

Insights into alleged tensions, lack of communication, and perceived exclusion shed light on the ongoing complexities within the Royal Family.

Royal Reactions and Public Perception:

Denial and Courtier Reactions:

Royal courtiers express fury over the claims made by Omid Scobie, with insiders stating that nothing appears off-limits when it comes to the Royal Family.

Scobie’s close association with the Sussexes raises questions about his role as either a spokesperson or a friend.

Impact on Relations and Perception:

The timing and content of “Endgame” are deemed deplorable by royal commentators, speculating on the Sussexes’ future association with Omid Scobie.

Potential damage to relations between Prince Charles and his sons is anticipated if serious allegations persist.

Royal Celebrations and Further Communication:

King’s Birthday and Estranged Relations:

Despite the controversies, Prince Harry extends birthday wishes to King Charles, marking a ‘cordial’ call and a potential shift in tone.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, along with their children, send a video message, signaling a willingness to engage in family celebrations.

Invitation Controversy and Future Interactions:

Reports about Prince Harry turning down an invitation to Charles’s birthday bash raise questions about the nature of the invitation.

The Sussexes’ spokesperson clarifies that they were not invited, fueling speculations about the dynamics of future family interactions.

Late-Night Celebration and Attendees:

Prince and Princess of Wales are seen leaving Clarence House after King Charles’s glittering 75th birthday party.

Family members, including Princess Beatrice, Lady Sarah Chatto, Zara Tindall, and Jools Holland, attend the celebration, highlighting a mix of generations within the Royal Family.

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