Meghan Markle’s Silence Amidst Royal Racism Row: Scobie’s Book Sparks Legal Concerns


Recent revelations surrounding Omid Scobie’s book, “Endgame,” have thrust the Royal Family into a heated controversy, with accusations of racism and denials swirling around. Meghan Markle, a central figure in the saga, is distancing herself, and legal actions are being considered.

Meghan’s Distance and Denials:

Meghan Markle and Team Sussex deny any involvement in revealing the names of the so-called ‘royal racists’ mentioned in Scobie’s book. Despite the escalating scandal, Meghan has maintained her silence, expressing no desire for the individuals to be publicly identified.

Royal Family’s Legal Considerations:

Amidst the turmoil, the Royal Family is contemplating legal action against Scobie, who claims to have seen the names in letters exchanged between Meghan and King Charles III. Legal experts are urging the privacy-conscious Sussexes to take legal measures, while doubts arise about the accuracy of the names mentioned.

Scobie’s Defense and Frustration:

Omid Scobie, the author of “Endgame,” vehemently defends himself, asserting that the inclusion of names in the Dutch version was an error. He denies any attempt to create a publicity stunt and expresses frustration over the controversy overshadowing the book he’s proud of.

Media Naming the Royals:

Despite Scobie’s denial, media organizations worldwide, including ITV, The Guardian, and The Times, have named King Charles and Kate as the accused royals. Piers Morgan’s revelation on live television adds fuel to the fire, questioning the validity of the claims made in Scobie’s book.

Dutch Edition Fallout:

The Dutch edition of “Endgame” faced a fallout, with 5,000 copies withdrawn and pulped due to the inclusion of names. Two Dutch translators insist that the names were in the manuscript they received, contradicting Scobie’s claims of a translation error.

Palace’s Consideration of Options:

Buckingham Palace is reportedly exploring various options to address the race row stirred by Scobie’s book. While King Charles remains focused on state business in Dubai, aides are considering legal warnings and public statements to counter the allegations.

Scobie’s BBC Interview:

In a tense BBC interview, Scobie defends himself, refusing to apologize for the controversy. He emphasizes frustration over unfair attacks and claims victimization due to his outspoken stance on Meghan’s experiences with racism.

Fallout in Royal Family:

The Royal Family, described as united in outrage, faces an ‘outrageous smear.’ Denying the alleged racist remarks, the family contends that the issue began with Meghan’s Oprah interview and has now escalated into a global controversy.


The unfolding events surrounding Omid Scobie’s book have opened a new chapter of controversy for the Royal Family. As legal considerations and public statements loom, the aftermath of “Endgame” raises questions about journalistic responsibility, privacy, and the impact on the monarchy’s public image.

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