Meghan Markle becomes the least popular royal ever, recent survey reveals

A recent survey reveals Meghan Markle has a MINUS-2 approval rating among Americans, making her the least popular royal ever.

According to a recent poll, Meghan Markle’s popularity in the US has drastically decreased and she now has a negative approval rating in her country.

The Duchess of Sussex partied with the Kardashians, Adele, and the Biebers this week at Beyonce’s 42nd birthday celebration, returning to her former life as a Hollywood A-lister as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been on a media blitz to attempt and rebuild their image.

However, their comeback hasn’t been as successful as they had planned.

According to a recent Newsweek poll, only 31% of Americans approve of her, while 33% disapprove, giving her a net approval rating of -2%.

According to a second poll from the publication, the US public liked the duchess by plus 23 percentage points in December, which is a startling decline from favour.

Her stories of resisting the royal “machine” and the struggles she faced as a divorced non-white member of the most famous dynasty in the world touched many people.

By June, she had a plus-six percent approval rating, which indicated a decline in her popularity.

After it was released in January, her husband’s damning biography Spare drew criticism from both sides of the Atlantic.

However, as he presently enjoys a plus-12% popularity rating, his reputation has suffered less than that of his wife.

Harry’s approval rating in the US performed marginally better and was at 18% the last time the poll was conducted.

In the months since their formal separation from the Royal Family in January 2020, Harry and Meghan have both had difficulty starting their new lives in North America.

Additionally, for the first time in five months, according to the most recent poll, which was conducted among 1,500 US adults between September 3 and September 4, more people detest Meghan than like her.

She now has a negative two percent net approval rating after the Netflix documentary ‘Harry and Meghan’ did not garner positive reviews from American viewers.

Less than one million people watched the premiere episode, compared to more than 2.4 million in the UK, a country with a much smaller population and where the Sussexes are even less well-liked.

A poll by Newsweek, released on December 5, 2022, just a few days before the show’s premiere, indicated that Meghan was popular, with a net approval rating of plus 23, while Harry was adored, with a net approval rating of plus 38.

Harry lost an astounding 45 points to minus 7 in January, around a week after the release of his scandal-filled biography Spare, while Meghan dropped 36 points to minus 13.

At her lowest, the former actress scored a negative 17 in a poll conducted in February, indicating that Americans thought less of her than they did of the disgraced Prince Andrew, whose friendship with serial paedophile Jeffrey Epstein led to Andrew’s exile from the public eye.

With his most recent Netflix programme, “Heart of Invictus,” Harry once more sought and failed to find streaming success.

His charitable work with the Invictus Games failed to make the platform’s top ten charts after the program’s August 30 premiere.

Their deteriorating reputation in the US led to widespread ridicule after South Park imitated their shifting positions on “privacy” in February.

The sketch allegedly incited rage in the couple’s home because Meghan was apparently ‘upset and overwhelmed’ by the mocking cartoon’s portrayal of her.

But up until recently, Meghan had been experiencing a surge in popularity in the US; in June, her approval rating was around plus 6%.

In the same survey, 39 percent of American people said they liked Harry, while 27 percent said they didn’t.

This gave Harry a plus-12% rating.

Following Meghan’s high-profile visit last week at Beyoncé’s birthday, where she linked up with some famous friends and rarely avoided the cameras, the source claims it performed another survey of the semi-royals’ favour.

James claimed that during the celebrity-studded event, Prince Harry’s wife appeared to have returned to her showbiz roots with “practised looks at the camera, Tig-girl poses, and confident smiles.”

Rumour has it that Meghan is about to relaunch her Tig blog on a large commercial scale to compete with Gwyneth Paltrow’s $250 million Goop company.

According to analysts, she might earn $1 million or more every sponsored post if she decides to return to Instagram.

Her adoption of a new Hollywood way of life has sparked rumours that she wants to break free from Harry’s religious victim narrative and “lead with love,” while he wants to profit from his humanitarian endeavours by being recognised as a major global philanthropist.

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