Minister Umahi Asserts Authority, Links Instructions to President and God

Minister Umahi Asserts Authority, Links Instructions to President and God

During a meeting with contractors representing all six geo-political zones at the Ministry of Works’ headquarters in Abuja, Minister David Umahi conveyed the strength of his instructions and their authority.

Umahi Warns Contractors: Only President Tinubu and God Can Overrule Me

Minister Umahi emphatically stated that only President Bola Tinubu and God possess the power to nullify his instructions.

He issued a warning to contractors, advising them not to waste their time reporting him to any other authority or individual.

Minister David Umahi Affirms Loyalty to President, Defies Blackmail Attempts

Furthermore, Minister Umahi emphasized his unwavering commitment to carrying out President Tinubu’s directives.

He expressed his belief that no amount of blackmail or misinformation could deter him from his determined course of action.

Meeting with Contractors: Umahi Addresses Price of Cement and Allegations

During the meeting, Minister Umahi addressed rumors circulating about the potential increase in cement prices to N9,000 if the government were to undertake concrete road construction.

He vehemently refuted these claims, labeling them as falsehoods.

Umahi’s Unwavering Stance: Instructions Tied Solely to President and God

In his closing remarks, the former Governor of Ebonyi State reaffirmed that his instructions were unalterable and bound solely to the directives of President Tinubu and God.

He attributed the spread of such rumors to a concerted campaign against him by influential figures within the construction industry.

This declaration by Minister Umahi underscores his loyalty to the President and his resolute commitment to carrying out his responsibilities, despite attempts to tarnish his reputation through misinformation and blackmail.