Oasis Star Noel Gallagher Faces Driving Prosecution and Potential Road Ban

Oasis Star Noel Gallagher Faces Driving Prosecution and Potential Road Ban

Noel Gallagher Faces Legal Troubles Over Unanswered Speeding Tickets


Renowned Oasis star and High Flying Birds frontman, Noel Gallagher, finds himself entangled in legal issues as a non-driver who owns a luxurious chauffeur-driven Range Rover.

Having given up on the idea of obtaining a driver’s license during the Brit Pop era in the 90s, Gallagher recently faced prosecution after his vehicle was caught speeding.

Despite his driver admitting responsibility for the incidents, it was Gallagher himself, as the registered owner, who faced the consequences.

I. Gallagher’s Legal Trouble Escalates: The Evening Standard reported that Noel Gallagher had been issued a speeding ticket for his Range Rover, leading to a legal dilemma.


Even though his driver took responsibility for the incident, Metropolitan Police letters remained unanswered, ultimately leading to Gallagher’s prosecution.

As a result, he received six penalty points on his license, a £742 fine, and additional costs and court fees amounting to £396.

II. Additional Unanswered Speeding Tickets: Newly-released court documents reveal that Gallagher faced two more speeding tickets, adding to his legal woes.

Failing to respond to these tickets, Gallagher’s situation worsened, and he was subsequently charged with failing to provide information to the police about the driver of his vehicle.

As a consequence, he now faces an additional 12 penalty points on his license, along with the possibility of an automatic six-month road ban.


III. Oasis Fame and Driving Dilemma: Gallagher recalled how he abandoned driving lessons during the height of Oasis’ fame in the 90s, after encountering difficulties with fans mobbing his car.

The overwhelming attention and chaos convinced him to swear off driving entirely, leading him to rely on chauffeured transportation.

IV. Addressing the Unanswered Correspondence: In his defense, Gallagher’s driver, Alan Neeson, explained why police letters were ignored.

He clarified that since Gallagher did not possess a driving license, he was responsible for handling all vehicle-related matters.

A postal strike before Christmas, coupled with delays in letter delivery, contributed to the oversight.


V. Gallagher’s Response and Acknowledgment: Gallagher addressed the court, stating that he did not personally receive the notice or reminder about the speeding tickets, and neither were brought to his attention by his staff.

Acknowledging his responsibility as the registered owner, he accepted the need for effective arrangements to manage such correspondence.

Gallagher confirmed his willingness to pay the imposed financial penalties.

VI. The Legal Proceedings and Disqualification: Represented by BCL Solicitors, Gallagher submitted a statement to the court, promising to improve the management of his correspondence.

The case was adjourned until August 29, when the court will consider possible disqualification and any further financial penalties.


Conclusion: Noel Gallagher, the iconic musician, faces the consequences of unanswered speeding tickets, highlighting the importance of responsibly handling correspondence related to his vehicle.

As he awaits the court’s decision, Gallagher’s legal troubles coincide with his ex-wife, Meg Mathews, who faces her own prosecution for drink driving.

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