Pete Doherty’s son Astile, 20, starts tribute act to Liam Gallagher, his half-sister’s dad, 27 years after his father praised Oasis

Astile Doherty’s Tribute to Liam Gallagher

Astile Doherty, the 20-year-old son of Babyshambles star Pete Doherty and Lisa Moorish, has embarked on a new career as a tribute act to Liam Gallagher. This move into the spotlight will see Astile perform at The Boat Yard in Leigh-on-Sea, where he is set to showcase his renditions of Oasis songs. The intriguing aspect lies in the fact that Astile’s half-sister, Molly, is Liam Gallagher’s daughter, providing him with a unique insider perspective.

Rock Star Connections and Family Passion

A resurfaced video from 1997 features a young Pete Doherty in an MTV interview, expressing admiration for Oasis and defining the band with the words, ‘Noel’s a poet and Liam’s a town crier.’ This sentiment resonates with Astile’s current venture into covering Liam’s songs. The rock star connections in the Doherty family are well-known, stemming from Lisa Moorish’s relationships with iconic rockers during the late ’90s and early 2000s.

Liam On Sea: Astile’s Tribute Show

A poster for Astile’s gig reveals the event titled “Liam On Sea,” scheduled to start at 6 pm at The Boat Yard in Essex. The show is a nod to the family’s passion for Liam’s band, Oasis. Another video from 1998 captures an 18-year-old Pete queuing to buy an Oasis album, where he creatively sums up the band’s essence. This artistic inclination seems to run in the family, as Astile takes on the role of a Liam Gallagher tribute.

Pete Doherty’s Fatherhood Journey

Astile is Pete Doherty’s eldest child, born to Lisa Moorish. Despite initial challenges, including Pete’s struggles with addiction leading to a brief ban from seeing his son, he has since turned his life around. Lisa Moorish mentioned in a 2009 interview that Pete’s commitment to recovery influenced her decision to allow him to be a part of Astile’s life. Pete, now happily married to Katia De Vidas, also has a daughter named Aisling with model Lindi Hingston.

Liam Gallagher’s Complex Fatherhood

On the other hand, Liam Gallagher’s journey as a father is complex. He fathered Molly in 1998 with Lisa Moorish, but his involvement in her life only began in 2019. Liam has a fourth child, Gemma, born in 2012 to New York journalist Liza Ghorbani, whom he has never met. Molly, initially in contact with her uncle Noel, experienced a social media spat with her mother in 2017. However, a reunion with Liam has since strained her relationship with her uncle.

Reconciliation and Family Moments

Despite past conflicts, Molly and Liam have reconciled, with Liam expressing his sentiments through the song “Now That I’ve Found You.” In May 2018, Liam shared a photo on Instagram featuring Molly alongside his other children, Gene and Lennon. This family moment marked a positive turn in their relationship, highlighting the complexities and dynamics of Liam Gallagher’s journey as a father.

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