Former Wife of TravelSupermarket Tycoon Faces Driving Ban for Halloween Drunken Drive

Former Wife of TravelSupermarket Tycoon Faces Driving Ban for Halloween Drunken Drive

Drunk Driving Scandal Involving Wealthy Socialite

Liza Nixon, the 55-year-old ex-wife of tycoon Chris Nixon, has been banned from driving for two years following a Halloween party incident where she was caught driving under the influence.

The polo-playing socialite, known for her affluent lifestyle, faced legal consequences after being nearly three times the alcohol limit.

The Halloween Party and Intoxicated Drive: A Costly Decision

Nixon, who had been consuming Prosecco at the Halloween-themed party, was stopped by police in her white Range Rover Sport HSE Dynam based on a tip-off. Her speech was slurred, and she was visibly unsteady on her feet, leading to a breath test that revealed she was significantly over the legal alcohol limit.

Despite initially planning to take a taxi, Nixon decided to drive 17 miles home, citing feeling “spooked” by two party guests.

Legal Consequences and Community Order: A Court’s Decision

Facing charges of drink driving, Nixon admitted guilt in court. The sentencing includes a two-year driving ban and an order to complete 80 hours of unpaid work as part of a 12-month community order.

Despite a character reference from her ex-husband, Chris Nixon, who played a significant role in, Liza Nixon is now selling at least one of her rental properties.

Probation Report Insights: A Candid Reflection

A probation report shed light on the circumstances leading to Nixon’s ill-fated decision. Despite a proactive and healthy lifestyle, she made a regrettable choice driven by panic and discomfort at the Halloween party.

The report emphasizes this as an isolated incident, highlighting Nixon’s remorse and commitment to avoiding such situations in the future.

Legal Proceedings and Financial Implications: A Challenging Situation

The court ordered Nixon to pay £214 in prosecution costs and a victim surcharge. She was also given the option to undergo a drink drive awareness course to reduce her driving ban.

The legal proceedings revealed the financial strain Nixon is facing, leading to the decision to sell properties. The court considered her positive character references, acknowledging that the incident was entirely out of character.

Conclusion: A Fall from Social Grace

Liza Nixon’s drunk driving scandal has brought legal consequences and financial challenges. The incident serves as a reminder that even individuals in high-society circles are not exempt from the law. Despite her affluent background, Nixon faces the repercussions of a costly decision made on a fateful Halloween night.**

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