Noise Row Erupts in Norfolk as Locals Protest ’24-Hour Nuisance’ from School’s Eco Heat Pumps

Residents near Reepham High School in Norfolk find themselves in a dispute with the school over what they describe as ‘very noisy’ eco heat pumps.

These electrically-powered devices, installed to heat classrooms, have become a constant source of disturbance for locals, leading to a clash with the school authorities.

Local Complaints:

The residents, residing in proximity to Reepham High School, argue that the eco heat pumps, intended to be environmentally friendly, have turned into a ’24-hour noise nuisance.’

The pumps, designed to absorb heat from the air and operate more efficiently than traditional gas boilers, are causing significant noise pollution, hindering residents from enjoying their homes.

Installation and Planning Controversy:

Installed last year, the heat pumps sparked controversy as planning permission was sought after their installation.

Locals claimed they were assured that the pumps would be inactive during bank holidays and school breaks.

However, the pumps continued running, prompting residents to involve local MP Jerome Mayhew in an attempt to address the issue.

Political Involvement:

Jerome Mayhew expressed the need for the school to consider its neighbors while reducing its carbon footprint.

The head teacher of Reepham High School, Tim Gibbs, expressed sympathy for the complaints but emphasized the school’s compliance with the installation of the air source heat pumps.

Council’s Response:

Broadland District Council, responsible for permitting the installation, investigated the noise complaints and monitored the pumps’ noise levels.

A spokesperson for the council stated that they have been working with all parties involved, conducting noise testing and addressing concerns.

The eco-friendly heating system aims to contribute to renewable energy sources, reduce reliance on non-renewable energy, and align with green energy targets.

The clash between residents and Reepham High School highlights the challenges of balancing eco-friendly initiatives with the impact on the local community.

As the controversy unfolds, political involvement and council assessments play a crucial role in finding a resolution that satisfies both environmental goals and the concerns of the affected residents.

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