Eco zealot Shayok Mukhopadhyay who interrupted US Open confirm ‘backlash was the INTENT of his stunt’ calls Coco Gauff to join him on next protest.

“Climate Activist Who Disrupted US Open Stands by Protest Despite Backlash”

Introduction Sayak Mukhopadhyay, the climate activist who glued himself to the stadium at the US Open, has defended his protest, asserting that tennis star Coco Gauff supports his cause, despite the controversy it generated. Mukhopadhyay stated that the disruption caused by his protest pales in comparison to the disruptions caused by climate change itself. His actions led to his removal by the NYPD and a subsequent psychiatric evaluation. This incident occurred during Gauff’s semifinal showdown with Karolina Muchova, prompting an outcry from thousands of fans in the stadium.

The Protest’s Backlash Mukhopadhyay’s protest received strong backlash from tennis fans, with many expressing their frustration during the match. The disruption led to chants of ‘You suck!’ and ‘F*** you!’ from the packed stadium. In response to such climate protests, the U.S. Tennis Association plans to increase security measures at entrance gates and courts, aiming to maintain order during matches.

Gauff’s Stand While Gauff acknowledged her frustration at the timing of the protest during her high-stakes match, she expressed support for the essence of the protestors’ cause. She emphasized her belief in climate change and the need for better environmental practices in tournaments. Mukhopadhyay applauded Gauff’s supportive stance and noted that it is unusual for sports figures to support causes that corporate sponsors may not favor.

Invitation to Gauff Despite the disruption caused by the protest, Mukhopadhyay’s activist group, Extinction Rebellion, has invited Coco Gauff to join a climate protest in Central Park. Mukhopadhyay highlighted the media attention their protest received, stating that their intent was to garner attention for their cause. He acknowledged that the true measure of success would be if fossil fuel projects were canceled as a result of their actions.

Critique of Biden’s Climate Actions In closing, Mukhopadhyay criticized President Biden’s record on climate action, claiming that his administration approved more fossil fuel projects than his predecessor, Donald Trump. This critique reflects the ongoing debate over climate policies and actions at the national level.

Protest at the US Open Mukhopadhyay’s protest at the US Open led to a delay in the match, with both players kept occupied during the disruption. Fans in the stadium expressed their displeasure through jeers and boos. ESPN described the incident as an ‘environmental protest.’ This protest is part of a broader trend of climate activists targeting sporting events, aiming to raise awareness about environmental issues and advocate for change.

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