Octopus Introduces new product to ‘end the world of ugly heat pumps’

Octopus Energy Introduces Innovative Heat Pump

Octopus Energy announced on Thursday a breakthrough in the realm of heat pumps, claiming to have eliminated the era of “ugly heat pumps” with a product that could be available to some customers at no cost through a government grant.

A Radical Design

Octopus unveiled a distinctive purple heat pump in London, labeling it a “radical new design” that deviates from the typical appearance of heat pumps found in the market today, often resembling the outdoor components of air conditioning units.

Octopus Energy founder Greg Jackson stated, “This is a significant milestone for clean heating. Combining a high-temperature heat pump, capable of producing heat as hot as a gas boiler, with Octopus smart tariffs and room sensors throughout your home not only provides more affordable clean heating but also enhances comfort.”

Octopus claims that its heat pump not only matches the warmth of a boiler but also revolutionizes the world of “ugly heat pumps.”

Specifications and Government Grant

The unit will stand approximately 1.1 meters tall and 86 centimeters wide, slightly larger than a similar power output model from Mitsubishi. It is designed to produce noise levels similar to that of a refrigerator.

Octopus indicated that with the application of a £5,000 government grant to cover the cost of this heat pump, some customers may receive it for free. However, this is applicable primarily to households that do not require additional work, such as installing a water tank or larger radiators, which represents a minority of UK homes. For other households, costs are expected to start at around £3,000 after factoring in the grant for system installation.

The Role of Heat Pumps in Carbon Emission Reduction

Heat pumps have been hailed by many as the future of home heating, as they utilize electricity to extract heat from the outdoors and bring it indoors. This technology operates like a reverse air conditioner and can collect external heat even on extremely cold days, much like how an air conditioner can absorb external cold when it’s hot outside.

One significant advantage of heat pumps is their potential to be entirely carbon emissions-free if the electricity they use comes from green sources, as opposed to the gas commonly used for heating in British homes. However, the initial cost of heat pumps, coupled with any necessary home upgrades like larger radiators and a hot water tank, can be considerably higher than that of a gas boiler.

Nonetheless, the UK aims to reduce carbon emissions, and heating accounts for approximately 17% of the country’s carbon emissions. To address this, the government has set a target of installing 600,000 heat pumps annually starting in 2028

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