New Evidence Challenges Historical Narrative: Princes in the Tower May Have Escaped

New Evidence Challenges Historical Narrative: Princes in the Tower May Have Escaped


New evidence has emerged challenging the widely accepted belief that the Princes in the Tower were murdered by their uncle, Richard III.

According to recent findings, the young heirs to the throne may have escaped imprisonment and fled to Europe, contrary to the historical narrative.

The Contrasting Narrative:

Shakespeare’s depiction of Richard III orchestrating the murder of his young relatives in the Tower of London has long been the prevailing theory. However, the new evidence suggests a different fate for the two boys, sons of Edward IV.

Philippa Langley’s Extraordinary Discoveries:

Amateur historian Philippa Langley, known for her role in discovering Richard III’s remains, has presented a set of ‘extraordinary discoveries.’ She proposes that Lambert Simnel and Perkin Warbeck, previously dismissed as pretenders, were the actual princes.

The Vanishing Act:

These boys, associated with failed attempts to depose Henry VII, might hold the key to the mystery. The two princes disappeared from historical records in 1483 after being taken to the Tower of London.

Human remains found under a staircase in the Tower during the 17th century were traditionally identified as the princes, yet they were never subjected to DNA testing.

Documents Pointing to Escape:

Langley points to documents found in European archives, suggesting the princes’ escape and subsequent attempts to invade England.

One such document is a witness statement, seemingly from Richard, detailing his journey from the Tower to Boulogne-sur-Mer and then Portugal.

Authentication by Experts:

Another, dating back to 1483, bears the signature of ‘Richard, Duke of York,’ promising payment to Duke Albert of Saxony. Experts have authenticated these documents, adding weight to Langley’s theory.


As the historical narrative faces a potential upheaval, the documentary promises to shed light on this intriguing chapter in history, challenging long-held assumptions about the fate of the Princes in the Tower.

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