Mysterious Death by Poisoned Chocolates: A Disturbing Investigation Unfolds

Mysterious Death by Poisoned Chocolates: A Disturbing Investigation Unfolds

...By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media.

Tragic Death from Poisoned Chocolates: Investigating the Mysterious Circumstances


A woman in Brazil tragically lost her life after consuming “poisoned chocolates” she had received as a gift for her 54th birthday.

Lindaci Viegas Batista de Carvalho collapsed in severe pain shortly after trying the sweets, which were presented to her by a courier outside a beauty parlour.

Her family revealed that she had been receiving threatening calls and messages before answering a suspicious call from the courier on May 20.

As her health rapidly deteriorated, Carvalho was rushed to a hospital in Rio de Janeiro, where she was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Authorities have initiated an investigation into her death, suspecting foul play.

Suspicion and Tragic Consequences:


Carvalho initially hesitated to consume the chocolates due to her concerns.

However, after her ex-husband jokingly claimed they were a gift from him, she decided to try them.

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Soon after ingesting the chocolates, Carvalho fell seriously ill, experiencing symptoms such as rolling eyes and contracted arms, as reported by her sister, Lenice Batista.

The family strongly believes that Carvalho was poisoned, prompting law enforcement to delve into the circumstances surrounding her untimely demise.

Threats and a Suspicious Call:

Carvalho’s family disclosed that she had expressed fears about the possibility of the chocolates being poisoned, citing a series of threats received on social media from an unidentified individual.

Suspicious of the courier’s call, Carvalho requested that the package be left for her to collect from her current boyfriend’s shop in the northern part of the city.

Intriguingly, Carvalho’s son had tasted the chocolates but immediately spat them out, remarking on their unpleasant taste.

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Investigation and Possible Suspects:

The ongoing investigation aims to analyze the chocolates for any traces of substances that could have caused Carvalho’s death, with results expected within a month.

Police are also looking into a former partner of Carvalho’s current boyfriend as a potential suspect.

Batista, Carvalho’s sister, revealed that they possess evidence of threats made by this individual, including a photo of her holding a weapon with a menacing message directed at Carvalho.

However, Carvalho’s ex-husband, who initially joked about the chocolates, denies any involvement and claims ignorance regarding the sender’s identity.

Seeking Truth and Closure:

Carvalho was laid to rest on May 22 at the Catumbi cemetery, while the investigation into her untimely death continues.

As of now, no arrests have been made, leaving the family and authorities determined to unravel the truth behind this mysterious and tragic incident.

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Their search for justice and closure drives the ongoing efforts to identify the perpetrator responsible for the poisoned chocolates and bring them to account.


The shocking death of Lindaci Viegas Batista de Carvalho highlights the devastating consequences of potential foul play involving poisoned chocolates.

The family’s claims of threats and suspicions point towards a possible motive, yet the true identity of the perpetrator remains unknown.

As the investigation unfolds, the authorities face the challenging task of gathering evidence and connecting the dots to bring justice to Carvalho’s grieving loved ones.

This tragic incident serves as a somber reminder of the importance of safeguarding personal safety and the need to uncover the truth in the face of such inexplicable events.


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