Notorious Gangster ‘Indian Dave’ Linked to Mysterious Death of Oligarch-Obsessed Teenager Zac Brettler – Police Under Fire for Alleged Investigation Oversights

Notorious Gangster ‘Indian Dave’ Linked to Mysterious Death of Oligarch-Obsessed Teenager Zac Brettler – Police Under Fire for Alleged Investigation Oversights

Zac Brettler, the teenager obsessed with oligarchs, met his demise in November 2019 after jumping from a 5th-floor apartment owned by Verinder Sharma, also known as ‘Indian Dave,’ a notorious figure in the criminal underworld.

Sharma, suspected of ties to a 2003 gangland enforcer’s death, resided in the luxury flat overlooking the River Thames.

“Police Delay Raises Concerns”

In a puzzling turn of events, it took the police four days to visit Sharma’s flat, where Zac’s fatal incident occurred.

Despite being suspected of involvement in Zac’s death, Sharma never disclosed information before being found dead in the same flat the following year.

Zac’s parents, Rochelle and Matthew Brettler, criticized the investigation, alleging their son’s death was not adequately examined.

“Oligarch-Obsessed Teen’s Connection to Gangsters”

Zac, an affluent teen educated at Mill Hill School, adopted the identity Zac Ismailov, claiming an inheritance dispute with his mother in Dubai.

He became entangled with Akbar Shamji, a cryptocurrency trader, and Sharma, with Shamji facilitating their connection.

Sharma, known for past criminal involvements and violence, reportedly took Zac under his wing amid an inheritance dispute.

“Texts Reveal Suspicious Behavior Leading to Tragedy”

Text messages uncovered details of the final hours leading to Zac’s death. Shamji, who was present with Zac in Sharma’s flat, sent alarming messages about heating knives and clearing up blood.

Despite being arrested on suspicion of murder, neither Sharma nor Shamji faced charges. The investigation faced criticism for failing to analyze potential blood stains in Sharma’s flat and for overlooking key evidence.

“Parents’ Allegations and Grieving Process”

Zac’s parents challenged the suicide theory, asserting that their son sought to escape Sharma.

They accused the police of negligence, pointing to unexamined evidence and missed investigative opportunities.

The Brettlers expressed frustration at the lack of charges against Sharma during his lifetime and questioned the competence of the investigation.

“Unresolved Questions Surrounding Deaths”

Sharma’s death in December 2020 left unanswered questions about Zac’s demise.

Informal reports suggest a drug overdose, while an associate claims Sharma slipped and hit his head. An ongoing inquest, opened in May 2021, is yet to reach a verdict.

Shamji, who denies wrongdoing, remains in the United States, and the case continues to raise suspicions despite the police’s conclusion that Sharma’s death was not suspicious.

“Met Police Responds to Criticisms”

Metropolitan Police defended their investigation, expressing condolences to Zac’s family.

They stated that exhaustive efforts were made to explore hypotheses, but fuller answers could not be provided.

The case underwent review by specialist homicide detectives, and the police encouraged anyone with additional information to come forward. The uncertainties surrounding Zac Brettler’s death persist, causing immense pain for the grieving family.

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