Death Toll in Kenyan Cult Investigation Rises to 226: Authorities Uncover Disturbing Details

Death Toll in Kenyan Cult Investigation Rises to 226: Authorities Uncover Disturbing Details

…By Larry John for TDPel Media.

The death toll in the investigation of a suspected Kenyan cult, believed to have encouraged its followers to starve themselves to death, has climbed to 226, with the discovery of 15 additional bodies.


Authorities continue to examine the forest hideout of the group known as the Good News International Church, situated near the town of Malindi on the Indian Ocean coast.

The founder of the cult, Paul Nthenge Mackenzie, a former taxi driver turned preacher, faces accusations of inciting his followers to fast until death in order to “meet Jesus.”

Discovery of More Bodies and Ongoing Investigation:

According to regional commissioner Rhoda Onyancha, during the latest operation, 14 bodies were exhumed from the forest hideout, while one body was found within the forest.

Emergency teams also managed to rescue one person alive.

Autopsies have been conducted on 112 individuals thus far, with the majority of the results indicating death by starvation.

However, some bodies, including those of children, exhibit signs of strangulation, beating, or suffocation.


Shockingly, court documents revealed that some of the victims had their organs removed, leading police to suspect forced organ harvesting by the culprits.

Interior Minister Kithure Kindiki, however, urged caution, stating that the organ harvesting theory is still under investigation.

Arrests and National Response:

In a recent development, 26 individuals, including Mackenzie and an alleged “enforcer gang” responsible for ensuring compliance with the fasting and preventing anyone from leaving the forest hideout, have been arrested.

The shocking nature of the cult’s activities has left Kenyans in disbelief, prompting President William Ruto to establish a commission of inquiry into the deaths and a task force to review regulations governing religious organizations.

These measures aim to address the widespread concerns and ensure the prevention of similar incidents in the future.

Suspected Links and Mourning:

Ezekiel Odero, a prominent and wealthy televangelist, has faced allegations of connections to Mackenzie and the bodies discovered in the forest.

The investigation continues to unravel any potential links and shed light on the extent of involvement by various individuals.

The cult’s actions have led to national mourning and outrage, with Malawi even declaring two weeks of mourning following the devastating cyclone deaths.



The escalating death toll in the Kenyan cult investigation has raised alarm across the country.

The shocking details emerging from the forest hideout shed light on the extent of the cult’s activities and the alleged forced starvation, violence, and possible organ harvesting.

The government’s swift response, including the establishment of an inquiry commission and a task force, reflects the determination to uncover the truth and ensure the safety of religious organizations.

The nation mourns the victims and seeks justice for those involved in this horrifying ordeal.


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