Uncertainty Looms Over HS2’s Euston Project, Leaving Residents Stranded

Uncertainty Looms Over HS2’s Euston Project, Leaving Residents Stranded

...By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media.

The HS2 project, which involves the construction of a high-speed rail link, has left a trail of destruction and disruption in the Euston area of Camden.


Homes and businesses have been demolished to make way for the rail link, leaving homeowners trapped in properties they cannot sell.

However, hopes of regeneration and the promised benefits of the infrastructure project are fading as the final leg of the project, the 7.2km stretch between Old Oak Common and Euston, has been put on hold.

Trains are now not expected to arrive at Euston until the 2040s, leaving the community to bear the losses.

The decision to delay the project comes as costs for the redesigned station in Euston soared from £2.6 billion to £4.8 billion.

While most work on the station site will stop, some critical preparatory work will continue, according to an HS2 spokesperson.

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The local community has been left to contend with the consequences of the project, including noise, dust, and road closures.


Property prices have been severely affected, with homeowners unable to sell their properties, causing significant financial strain.

Residents who remained in the area have had to endure years of living on top of a construction site, with the removal of trees and constant disruption.

Filmmaker Jane Gull, who had her home bulldozed for the project, expressed disappointment and frustration, referring to the entire venture as a “shambles.”

The disruption has also impacted the property market, with homes in the vicinity of the Euston site struggling to attract buyers due to the ongoing construction work and associated inconveniences.

Many residents find themselves in a state of limbo, unable to move or sell their properties.

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The Need to Sell scheme offered by HS2 is complex and requires homeowners to provide compelling reasons for their need to move.

The disruption has taken a toll on property prices, with estimates suggesting a 20% reduction in value in the affected areas.

The uncertainty surrounding the project has left residents frustrated, and concerns have been raised about the long-term implications for the area.


Local MP Keir Starmer has called for urgent clarity on the measures that will be implemented to minimize the impact of the stalled project.

Camden council has also urged HS2 to proceed with the wholesale redevelopment of Euston station, emphasizing the potential benefits in terms of housing, open space, and employment opportunities.

However, skepticism persists among residents regarding the future of HS2 Euston, and there is a growing sense of dissatisfaction and frustration with the ongoing uncertainty and disruption caused by the project.

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