Confrontation in the Park: Bully XL Owner Stands up for Beloved Pet

Altercation Caught on Camera

Amanda Holloway, the owner of a Bully XL named Hulk, recently confronted a cyclist in Bushy Park, Richmond, London, after he labeled her dog ‘dangerous.’

The incident, captured on camera and shared on Facebook, sheds light on the upcoming changes in the Dangerous Dogs Act that will outlaw the American Bully XL breed in public without specific precautions.

Encounter in Bushy Park

As Amanda strolled with her 12-month-old pup, Hulk, adorned in a ‘friendly’ jacket, a male cyclist expressed concern about the dog not wearing a muzzle. The video captures Hulk patiently sitting on the path, waiting for his ball, as other park-goers pass by.

Legal Changes and the Dangerous Dogs Act

The cyclist refers to the upcoming changes in the Dangerous Dogs Act, set to take effect on December 31. From this date, it will be illegal to have an American Bully XL in public without a lead or muzzle. Amanda, aware of the impending legislation, defends Hulk, emphasizing that the law doesn’t apply until the specified date.

Proud Owner’s Response

Amanda asserts her control over Hulk, highlighting that he has never attacked anyone in his life. She challenges the cyclist’s assumptions, stating that it’s the owner’s responsibility to manage the dog. The cyclist appears to backtrack, acknowledging Amanda as a good owner.

Tightened Laws on Bully XL Dogs

The footage surfaces just weeks before the tightened laws concerning Bully XL dogs come into force. As of December 31, it will be against the law to sell, abandon, breed, or have an American Bully XL in public without specific precautions. The breed will be entirely illegal in England and Wales from February 1.

Exemptions and Responsibility

Owners of American Bully XLs have the option to apply for exemptions before the breed is banned, subject to specific conditions like neutering and microchipping.

The law aims to address safety concerns following a series of fatal maulings linked to Bully XL-type dogs across the UK in recent years.

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