London Underground Worker’s “Subway Revenge” Campaign: Control Room Flooded with Sandwich Orders

Mischievous Acts Unleashed on Colleagues

Lewis Kelly, a 28-year-old London Underground worker, is facing potential jail time after orchestrating a bizarre and disruptive “revenge” campaign against his colleagues.

Among his mischievous acts, he manipulated the contact information of a Subway sandwich shop, causing the Waterloo control room to be inundated with unexpected sandwich orders.

Switching Subway Numbers and Grudge Actions

Kelly’s vendetta extended beyond prank Subway orders. He reportedly recorded email passwords of coworkers, signed a colleague up for relocation to Cockfosters, and even sent a shredded South Western Railway jacket with a mocking label to one individual.

The jacket arrived in a box labeled ‘Royal Fail,’ accompanied by two Cadbury Fudge bars.

Abusing Staff Access for Personal Gains

In addition to his disruptive actions, Kelly exploited his staff access privileges by securing a 75% Oyster card discount, valued at over £13,000 annually.

This personal gain was achieved before he switched the Clapham Subway branch number for the station control rooms following his suspension.

Repeat Offender Faces Legal Consequences

Kelly had previously received a nine-month suspended sentence in February for hacking into colleagues’ emails. Despite this, he continued his targeted actions against station staff, leading to his recent suspension and subsequent legal repercussions.

Defence counsel Veronica Ramsden explained that Kelly’s actions resulted in confused individuals calling Waterloo station and requesting unconventional sandwich orders.

Admissions and Confessions in Court

During court proceedings at Inner London Crown Court, Kelly admitted to stealing three South Western Railway passes and engaging in an unauthorized act related to a computer.

He also confessed to posting abusive messages about three colleagues on Reddit and distributing leaflets at Waterloo advertising their job positions.