Historical Bombshell: New Evidence Challenges Princes in the Tower Murder Theory

Centuries-Old Mystery Unraveled?

In a groundbreaking revelation, amateur historian Philippa Langley, known for discovering Richard III’s remains in 2012, has unearthed evidence challenging the long-standing belief that the Princes in the Tower were murdered by their uncle, Richard III.

The bombshell findings, set to be presented in a Channel 4 documentary, suggest that the young royals not only survived their imprisonment but assumed different identities, launching failed attempts to depose Henry VII.

Witness Statement of Prince Richard, Duke of York

Among the four key documents featured in the documentary is a witness statement believed to be by Prince Richard, Duke of York.

Dated 1493, the manuscript describes how Richard and his brother were separated in the Tower before being hidden away by two men who swore an oath of secrecy.

Langley asserts that these boys later assumed the identities of Lambert Simnel and Perkin Warbeck, known historical figures attempting to depose Henry VII.

Identifying Birthmarks and Royal Seals

Langley’s research introduces three additional documents, each shedding light on the purported survival of the Princes.

A document from 1493, written in French from King Maximilian’s court, details distinctive birthmarks on the young man believed to be Prince Richard. Another, dated 1483 from Holland, bears a royal seal and a signature of ‘Richard, Duke of York,’ promising future payments after gaining the English throne.

Receipt for Weapons and Simnel’s Identity

The fourth document is a receipt for weapons in 1487, tied to the Yorkist invasion of England, with a connection to Lambert Simnel. While historical beliefs link Simnel to Edward, Earl of Warwick, Langley suggests that Simnel might have been the young King Edward himself, challenging traditional narratives.

Philippa Langley’s Investigation

Langley, in collaboration with 300 freelance researchers, delved into European archives and uncovered these documents, pointing to the Princes’ escape and subsequent attempts to invade England.

Her findings, also detailed in her book The Princes in the Tower, challenge the conventional narrative of Richard III’s alleged murder of the young royals.

Potential Rewrite of History

The historian, co-presenting the documentary with Robert Rinder, emphasizes the potential of these discoveries to rewrite history.

Expressing gratitude for the contributions of her research team, Langley contends that if the findings are accurate, the Princes did not meet a tragic end but instead survived.

Revisiting Previous Research on Richard III

Notably, Langley’s recent discoveries build upon her 2021 research, suggesting that Richard III spared Edward, allowing him to live under a false name in a rural Devon village.

The complexities surrounding the Princes in the Tower continue to captivate historians and enthusiasts alike.

Channel 4 Documentary: “The Princes in the Tower: The New Evidence”

The comprehensive findings and Langley’s in-depth investigation will be unveiled in the Channel 4 documentary titled The Princes in the Tower: The New Evidence, scheduled to air on Saturday at 8 pm. As historical narratives potentially shift, these revelations invite a reassessment of one of England’s enduring mysteries.

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