Shocking Attack: Dog Mauled by Aggressive XL Bully, Owner Calls for Breed Ban

Horrifying images have emerged depicting the gruesome wounds inflicted on a dog that fell victim to a vicious mauling by an aggressive XL Bully.

The incident occurred while Leo Wolfe was walking his Cocker Spaniel-Dachshund cross, named Tia, along a river on their way to a local pub.

Suddenly, an XL Bully darted out from between parked cars and brutally bit Leo on the hand.

The XL Bully then latched onto little Tia’s neck, violently shaking her.

Leo Wolfe, aged 54, attempted to rescue his beloved pet, but the sheer strength of the XL Bully proved overwhelming.

The owners of the aggressive dog, described as “muscled guys,” rushed to the scene in a futile attempt to separate the dogs.

Wolfe resorted to kicking the XL Bully, but it showed no response, ultimately escaping and fleeing the area.

The attack left Wolfe traumatized, and he strongly condemned the breed, stating, “I’m a dog lover, but these aren’t dogs.”

Support for a Ban on XL Bullys

Leo Wolfe, hailing from Southampton, Hampshire, expressed his agreement with the Home Secretary’s proposal to ban XL Bullys following a recent incident in Birmingham.

He deemed the breed “dangerous” and emphasized that they pose a significant threat to both other dogs and their owners.

Wolfe’s support for a ban is shared by Bully Watch, a UK group advocating for restrictions on the sale and breeding of large bulldog breeds.

According to their data, American Bully XLs or American Bully Mixes have been responsible for 38 percent of dog attacks in the UK this year.

A Terrifying Encounter

Wolfe recounted the terrifying encounter, describing the XL Bully as a colossal and ferocious creature.

He highlighted the potential danger to children, stating that if the dog had targeted a child, the consequences would have been horrific.

The traumatic event left a lasting impact on a young girl who witnessed the attack, leading Wolfe to assert that such traumatic experiences are not easily forgotten by children.

Calls for Immediate Action

Amid growing concerns about the XL Bully breed, Wolfe called for urgent action.

He stressed the need for a ban and pointed out that the breed’s behavior poses a serious risk to society.

The incident was reported to the police, who have launched an investigation into the matter.

Wolfe’s story has garnered strong support online, with many echoing his calls for a ban on XL Bullys.

Balancing Dog Ownership and Public Safety

The harrowing account of the XL Bully attack highlights the complex issue of balancing the rights of dog owners with the safety of the public.

While many dogs are loving and well-behaved, incidents involving aggressive breeds can have severe consequences.

Public safety must be a paramount concern, and it is essential for authorities to carefully consider regulations and bans on breeds that pose a significant risk to both other animals and humans.

Striking the right balance is crucial to ensure the well-being of all members of the community.

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