British XL Bully Dog Owner Calls for Responsible Ownership Amid Breed Controversy

British XL Bully Dog Owner Calls for Responsible Ownership Amid Breed Controversy

Urging Owners to Be Visible

A British woman, Sophie Coulthard, who owns an XL bully dog, has taken to social media to encourage other XL bully dog owners to showcase their pets’ good behavior.

Coulthard, who is known as “Training Billy the Bully” on social media, is a staunch advocate for the breed. She owns a one-year-old XL bully dog named Billy, known for his love of cuddles and a complete absence of growling.

Concerns and Negative Experiences

In the wake of recent discussions and actions targeting the XL bully breed, Coulthard has received numerous messages from XL bully dog owners who admit to being too fearful to walk their dogs in public.

Despite facing her own share of negative experiences, she implores owners not to hide but to display responsible ownership to the world.

A Viral Video Sparks Debate

Sophie Coulthard’s video addressing the issue has garnered significant attention, accumulating two million views and sparking a heated debate online.

While some argue that all dogs have the right to go for walks, others express concerns about the behavior of XL bully dogs, with some likening them to dangerous animals.

Encouraging Responsible Ownership

In her video message, Coulthard calls upon XL bully dog owners to venture outside with their pets.

She advises them to bring training tools, treats, and toys to engage in training sessions during walks. This way, they can demonstrate responsible ownership to the public.

The Need to Prove the Breed’s Goodness

Coulthard concludes by emphasizing the importance of proving that XL bully dogs are well-behaved and safe pets.

She believes that showcasing the breed’s positive qualities is vital in the current climate.

Responding to Supporters and Critics

While some members of the public and fellow dog owners express support for Coulthard and her efforts to promote responsible ownership, others remain skeptical and concerned about the breed’s potential risks.

A Breed Under Scrutiny

The XL bully breed has recently faced scrutiny and calls for bans following high-profile attacks.

Sophie Coulthard, however, believes that responsible ownership should be the focus of new legislation rather than an outright ban.

She asserts that banning breeds based on type may not effectively address the issue of irresponsible ownership.

XL Bullies as Family Companions

Coulthard describes her XL bully dog, Billy, as the ideal family companion—a loving and affectionate pet. She dispels stereotypes that characterize XL bully dogs as naturally violent and argues that proper training and boundaries can shape their behavior.

A Call for Responsible Legislation

In response to concerns about the XL bully breed’s behavior, Coulthard suggests that introducing licenses for owners is a more effective approach to tackling irresponsible ownership.

She emphasizes that hasty changes to legislation might not address the root problem.

Government’s Response to the XL Bully Debate

The British government recently announced a ban on the XL bully breed, accompanied by an amnesty for existing owners who register, neuter, and muzzle their pets in public.

The aim is to let the breed naturally die out over time.

However, some argue that more immediate action is required to ensure public safety.

The Future of XL Bully Dogs

As the debate surrounding XL bully dogs continues, both supporters and critics are engaged in discussions about the breed’s place in society.

Coulthard’s advocacy for responsible ownership aims to shed light on the positive side of these dogs and challenge negative stereotypes.

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