Man Evicted and Barred from Wetherspoon Pub for Questioning Disabled Toilet Usage

Man Evicted and Barred from Wetherspoon Pub for Questioning Disabled Toilet Usage

…By Larry John for TDPel Media. Keith Rowe, a 56-year-old man, claims he was evicted from a Wetherspoon pub and subsequently barred after raising concerns about able-bodied individuals using the disabled toilet.


Rowe’s late wife had faced similar issues in other Wetherspoon establishments, where able-bodied people would emerge from the disabled facilities.

Expressing his frustration, Rowe questioned a staff member about the situation.

However, he alleges that he was “cornered” by staff and escorted out of the pub.

Rowe asserts that it is unfair for those who genuinely require the disabled toilet to be made to wait while others use it without need.

The Incident Unfolds

During his visit, while waiting for his lunch, Rowe became increasingly annoyed observing able-bodied patrons freely using the disabled toilet without closing the door.

He confronted a staff member about why this was being allowed. The situation escalated when a member of staff entered the toilet without closing the door, effectively making it accessible to anyone.


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Rowe expressed his dissatisfaction and questioned the purpose of having a Radar key when the facility remained open.

Escalation and Barred Entry

Rowe claims that the manager accused him of swearing and being abusive in front of families.

Despite his attempts to communicate his concerns, he was ordered to leave the pub immediately.

Feeling cornered and humiliated, he stated that he was ganged upon by two or three servers.

Rowe expressed frustration over the lack of enforcement regarding the disabled toilet policy, hoping for action to be taken to ensure secure and safe access for those who require it.

Wetherspoon’s Response

In response to Rowe’s complaint, a Wetherspoon spokesperson informed him that the manager had decided not to allow his return to the pub due to his aggressive behavior.

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The spokesperson emphasized that pubs are private premises and that entry is solely at the discretion of the license holder.

Therefore, the manager is legally entitled to decide who can enter the premises.


The spokesperson declared the matter closed and stated that further communication on the issue would not be entertained.

However, Wetherspoon later confirmed that they would refund the cost of Rowe’s uneaten lunch.

Wetherspoon’s Statement

A spokesperson for J D Wetherspoon stated that Rowe’s inquiry about the use of the accessible toilet was met with perceived confrontational behavior by the staff.

Consequently, Rowe was asked to leave the pub.

The spokesperson emphasized that there are various disabilities that may not be immediately apparent, and employees are not authorized to inquire about customers’ reasons for using accessible toilets or insist on the use of a Radar key.


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