Beer Enthusiast Completes Epic Quest: Visits All 875 Wetherspoon Pubs Across the UK

…By Alan Peterson for TDPel Media. David Bingham, a passionate beer lover, embarked on an extraordinary quest to visit every single one of the 875 Wetherspoon pubs in the United Kingdom.


Spanning a four-year period, this adventure has been hailed as the “longest pub crawl in history,” taking David to numerous destinations, often covering thousands of miles each month.

The Costly Mission:

David estimates that his epic mission has amounted to an impressive total of approximately £30,000.

This figure includes expenses such as travel fares, drinks, and overnight stays.

His remarkable endeavor will come to a triumphant conclusion when he enjoys a pint at The Flying Horse, located beyond the security barrier at Gatwick Airport.

To gain entry, David had to purchase an airline ticket, with the cheapest option leading him to Shannon in Ireland, despite the absence of any Wetherspoon pubs there.

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Nevertheless, this minor setback will not hinder his achievement, as he plans to complete the challenge before reaching Shannon.


The Joy of Pub-Spotting:

Reflecting on his journey, David fondly refers to himself as a “pub-spotter,” relishing the opportunity to cross off each pub from his directory one by one.

His exploration of Britain has taken him to diverse locations he might never have otherwise visited.

Grateful for the experience, David eagerly anticipates revisiting some of the pubs he initially encountered during the early days of his quest.

The Origin of the Challenge:

David’s remarkable challenge originated when his partner, Una Cooper, presented him with a £3 Wetherspoon directory she had purchased on eBay.

This simple gesture sparked David’s determination to visit every pub listed within its pages.

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Thus began a memorable journey to 875 Wetherspoon establishments, even including those that have since closed down.

Accompanied by Una, who abstains from alcohol, David often relies on public transportation to reach the pubs.

Unconventional Modes of Transport:

In addition to trains and buses, David and Una have utilized unconventional means of travel to access certain pubs.


Notably, they embarked on a hovercraft journey to reach the Man in the Moon pub situated on the Isle of Wight.

Their ten-day cruise along the West coast of Ireland also enabled them to visit an additional nine Wetherspoon pubs.

Unique Pubs and Favorite Haunts:

David finds immense pleasure in frequenting Wetherspoon pubs due to their diverse architectural styles

. These establishments often occupy former fire stations, post offices, churches, and other aesthetically appealing sites.

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Among his favorites are the Royal Victoria Pavilion in Ramsgate, Kent; The Corn Exchange in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk; the Winter Gardens in Harrogate; and the Caley Picture House in Edinburgh.

While David efficiently checks off numerous pubs each day, he reserves his pints for the ones he enjoys most.

Future Plans:

Having accomplished his current challenge, David now envisions Una taking charge of planning their weekend getaways.

However, he cannot entirely dismiss the possibility of undertaking another Wetherspoon challenge in the future.


With 57 Wetherspoon hotels spread across the UK and Ireland, David contemplates the prospect of staying in each one, leaving him with a mere 56 to go.

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