Greggs Reaches Agreement with Westminster Council on Late-Night Sales, Avoids Court Hearing

Greggs Reaches Agreement with Westminster Council on Late-Night Sales, Avoids Court Hearing

...By Larry John for TDPel Media.

Greggs, the popular bakery chain, has reached an agreement with Westminster City Council regarding the sale of its products during the early hours of the morning in central London.


The agreement comes after Westminster initially refused permission for the sale of hot food and drinks after 11 PM at Greggs’ Leicester Square branch.

The scheduled court hearing has been called off, bringing relief to late-night sausage roll fans.

Resolution with Westminster Council:

Roisin Currie, the boss of Greggs, announced that the company had reached a compromise with Westminster Council, although the full details of the agreement are yet to be disclosed.

While Greggs can continue selling its sandwiches and sweet products late at night, they have worked together with the council to determine the offerings permissible during the later hours.

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This collaboration is seen as a positive outcome for both parties.

Westminster’s Perspective:

Aicha Less, deputy leader of Westminster City Council, expressed satisfaction with the agreement, stating that it was reached based on the merits of the case and would benefit all involved.


The council reaffirmed its commitment to supporting local businesses and looks forward to continued cooperation with Greggs.

Concerns Raised and Refusals:

The Metropolitan Police, Environmental Health, three local Westminster councillors, and a resident had all expressed concerns about Greggs’ plans to sell hot food and drink into the early hours of the morning on weekends.

The police believed that granting the application could undermine crime prevention objectives, while Greggs argued that customers could become confused and more likely to cause trouble if their full menu was not available.

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The bakery even offered to employ security guards wearing body cameras, but the request was still denied.

Previous Licensing Committee Decision:

Westminster Council previously refused Greggs’ application on policy grounds, citing the potential negative impact on the West End and the failure to provide exceptional reasons to allow the premises to operate until 5 AM in a cumulative impact zone.

The court hearing would have required Greggs to convince the court that their evidence warranted exceptional treatment.

Business Growth and Expansion:

Amidst the resolution with Westminster Council, Greggs reported a significant sales growth of 17.1% in the first 19 weeks of 2023. The chain has been attracting price-sensitive customers seeking affordable meals.

Greggs has also expanded its meat-free offerings, including the new Vegan Mexican Chicken-Free Bake.


Additionally, the company plans to open new stores in UK airports, with Glasgow, Cardiff, and Gatwick being among the targeted locations.

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They have also recently opened a store in Canary Wharf and have a forthcoming branch in Moorgate.


The resolution between Greggs and Westminster Council signifies a positive outcome for both parties, allowing Greggs to continue its late-night sales while addressing concerns raised by local authorities.

The case highlights the importance of striking a balance between business interests and licensing regulations, particularly in areas with cumulative impact zones.

Greggs’ impressive sales growth and expansion plans demonstrate the enduring popularity of its affordable offerings, including an increased focus on plant-based options.

The resolution paves the way for a cooperative relationship between Greggs and Westminster Council, benefiting both the bakery chain and the local community.


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