Nursing Union Demands Pay Negotiations Amid Looming Strike Action

Nursing Union Demands Pay Negotiations Amid Looming Strike Action

…By Larry John for TDPel Media.

Nursing union leader Pat Cullen has called for the restart of pay negotiations with Health Secretary Stephen Barclay, urging a substantial increase in wages.


The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) members are set to begin a new ballot for strike action on May 23, following the expiration of their previous six-month mandate.

Despite an offer of a 5 percent pay rise, which was accepted by 14 other unions, the RCN rejected it after pushing for a 19 percent increase.

Grant Shapps Deems Union Leader’s Comments “Curious”

Cabinet minister Grant Shapps expressed confusion over Pat Cullen’s recent remarks.

Shapps mentioned that Cullen had previously encouraged her members to accept the proposed pay rise, which would have provided an additional £5,000 to nurses’ annual income.

The settlement was seen as positive, making Shapps perplexed about Cullen’s change of stance.


Grant Shapps’ confusion reflects the mixed messages sent by the nursing union leader.

The initial acceptance of the pay offer by 14 other unions, coupled with Cullen’s previous endorsement, raises questions about the current stance and motivations of the RCN.

Fresh Negotiations Urged to Avert Extended Strike Action

Pat Cullen described the decision to strike as one of the most difficult she has taken.

In an interview with The Sunday Times, she emphasized the need for new negotiations to prevent an additional six months of industrial action, extending up to the Christmas period.

Cullen urged Health Secretary Stephen Barclay to engage in talks starting with a pay rise in the double-digit range.

The call for fresh negotiations demonstrates the ongoing dissatisfaction among nursing professionals and their determination to secure a significant pay increase.

The looming threat of an extended strike places pressure on the government to address the concerns and demands of the nursing workforce.

Nursing Profession’s Exceptionalism and Patient Safety

Cullen defended the notion of granting nurses a larger pay increase compared to other healthcare workers.


She agreed with the Prime Minister’s previous statement that nurses are exceptional individuals who deserve special recognition.

Cullen highlighted the importance of patient safety, stating that increased wages would help attract nurses back to the profession and alleviate the staffing crisis.

Cullen’s emphasis on nursing exceptionalism and patient safety underscores the vital role nurses play in healthcare delivery.

The argument for higher pay as a means to retain and recruit nurses reflects the urgency of addressing workforce shortages to ensure quality patient care.

Warning to the Prime Minister and Government

Addressing Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, Pat Cullen cautioned against underestimating the determination of nursing professionals.

She acknowledged her own underestimation of her members’ resolve and urged the government to listen to nurses’ concerns.

Cullen emphasized that nurses would not back down first in negotiations, highlighting their duty to advocate for the profession and the healthcare system.


The warning issued to the Prime Minister reflects the assertiveness and determination of the nursing union.


It serves as a reminder that nurses are prepared to take decisive action to address their grievances and make their voices heard in the face of perceived government inaction.


The demand for renewed pay negotiations by nursing union leader Pat Cullen highlights the unresolved issue of wages in the nursing profession.

The looming strike action and the rejection of a previous pay offer indicate the persistence of nurses in their quest for fair compensation.

The government now faces the challenge of addressing these concerns to prevent prolonged industrial action and ensure the provision of quality healthcare services.


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